Only 86 Days Left in 2004 to Stop Overpaying Your Income Taxes and Start Your Asset Protection

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The Constellation Group, LLC, builds world-wide, world-class specialty teams that deliver Income Tax Reduction solutions that pay for Asset Protection to high net-worth individuals and business owners anywhere in the world.

Income taxes are the largest single expense in life. American citizens pay income taxes on every penny they earn, whether they are working or retired. After death, an estate will file one final income tax return. Income taxes are The Forever Bill.

In addition, thousands of lawsuits targeting affluent Business Owners and individuals are filed every year. Fraser Allport, the founder of The Constellation Group in Miami Beach, summed it up well. “ First you pay half of your lifetime earnings to the IRS. Then you could lose a lawsuit, and literally lose everything you own or end up in bankruptcy. Those are the two main challenges confronting the wealthy in America today. A person must be proactive in addressing these two wealth-destroyers – excess taxation and excessive litigation. “

At the helm of Constellation, Allport shepherds a leading-edge business model — Income Tax savings pay for Asset Protection. The methodology is “ The Power of Teams “. Constellation allies with the client and their existing trusted advisors, accountants, attorneys, private bankers and realtors. The Constellation Group then delivers quantifiable Income Tax Reduction and Asset Protection.

Most wealthy Americans needlessly over-pay their Income Taxes for two reasons: They are not aware of all of the rules that could benefit them, and they do not know where to turn to for high-caliber specialists and implementation.

“ To illustrate what exactly The Constellation Group can do for entrepreneur business owners and how tax savings can pay for Asset Protection, the story of “ The Four Quarters, “ is helpful, said Fraser Allport. “ For example, the client earns one dollar and now has four quarters, but the client has to give two of those four quarters back to the Government for Income Taxes. The client is left with two quarters. If the client chooses to invest those two quarters, the client has invested 50 cents. This is the After-Tax Model of Investing — but there is a better way. "

By its very nature, a tax-deductible program means that the Congress has already approved of it by creating a Law containing the tax benefit. The Law is passed and the tax benefits are granted to help Business Owners grow the US economy. The IRS then literally writes “ Code “, which interprets how the law is applied and regulated. The Government's commitment to the program is evidenced by the fact that the U.S Congress passed a law to give tax incentives and assistance to Business-Owners. “ Congress has always understood that Business Owners are the engine of America’s economy. This is why Congress grants the tax benefits, “ said Allport.

“ So I ask an entrepreneur Business Owner - ‘ Why the reluctance to simply match the Government's share and participate in their program with them ? ‘Purchasing an asset, in partnership with the U.S. Government, is certainly better than a cancelled check from the IRS, “continued Allport.“ The math of it all is so compelling and breathtakingly simple as to leave one speechless. Think about it … After income taxes, you can only invest the 50 cents remaining from a dollar of your earnings. You could invest 50 after-tax cents alone on your own, but why? Investing 100 pre-tax cents in a tax-favored program is the exact same cost to you, but twice as profitable, and a small portion of the Income Tax savings then pays for Asset Protection.

“When you partner with the US Government in one of their Congressionally-blessed programs, you are spending the same 50 cents that you were going to invest after-tax anyway, but the US Government has now also contributed another 50 cents – your Income Tax dollars go back into the pot. Sleep well, because you have IRS approval and compliance, because you followed the rules of the IRS’s own Code Section. You make a 100% better rate of return by investing 100 pre-tax pennies in partnership with the US Government … versus investing 50 after-tax pennies alone on your own. The IRS Code section tells you the actual and very specific rules of the road for participating in the Government’s program.“

Do the math - Income Tax Reduction can yield a 100% rate of return – investing 100 pennies instead of only investing 50 pennies. The “ magic “of Income Tax Reduction is that converting a tax into an asset. The “return“ is that getting reduced Income Taxes and world-class Asset Protection...all of it financed with Income Tax savings.

The Golden Rule is to hire The Right Team – Sub-specialists who know the IRS Code thoroughly, but apply it conservatively—experts who know the IRS personally and in a collegial way. An entrepreneur business-owner needs these very savvy and well-connected “teammates “ to implement the IRS Code Sections. And with a small fraction of the Income Tax savings, a Business Owner can pay for world-class Asset Protection. This is Constellation’s only specialty – Income Tax Reduction pays for Asset Protection.

So think about it. Income Tax Reduction is really very simple. Which is better—four quarters or two? “By investing four quarters in government-sponsored programs instead of investing two quarters alone, you reap an instant 100% rate of return. This rate of return is tax free – You are not taxed when you participate in the U.S. Government’s own programs. You are not taxed on the recapture of the otherwise-lost 50 cents of Income Taxes, " said Allport. “All an entrepreneur business-owner has to do is follow the rules. ‘ Learn The Rules. Follow The Rules. Hire The Right Team.’ That’s Constellation’s mantra. That’s why we are known as ‘ The Clean Team ‘, " said Allport.

But time is running out. A bona fide Business Owners is a proactive decision-maker. Look at the calendar – the sand is running through the hourglass. There are only 86 days left in 2004 to stop needlessly overpaying Income Taxes and to start Asset Protection. Hire professionals who only do this one thing—Reducing Income Taxes to pay for Asset Protection. Call Constellation’s Miami headquarters at 305–532–1231 or 1-800-752–7971 to schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation with Fraser Allport, the founder of The Constellation Group, or visit for more information about Income Tax Reduction and Asset Protection.

About The Constellation Group

The Constellation Group has become a clearinghouse for the finding and sharing of global knowledge about Income Tax Reduction and Asset Protection. Constellation is dedicated heart and soul to providing Service like it used to be, and they are romantics when it comes to the eternal ideal of what Service should be.

This is why The Constellation Concierge was born, Group’s sister company. “Go ahead. Lavish Yourself. You Deserve it.” .

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