Worlds First Sports Stadium Publicly Declared Haunted!

Psychic Paranormal Researchers declare Frontier Field Sports Arena Officially Haunted in Rochester New York. Claim backed conclusivly by photographic evidence which presently is being displayed on the official web site for the Rochester Red Wings Baseball Team at Frontier Field in conjunction with their Fear At Frontier event.

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(PRWEB) October 8, 2004

On Saturday, September 18th, 2004, Rochester Paranormal had been invited to conduct a private tour and investigation of Frontier Field in Rochester, New York, for the purpose of discovering whether or not, there might exist conclusive evidence as to the potential presence of any apparitional phenomenon.

Rochester Paranormal has achieved one of the highest success rates of any private research team within the United States, regarding their consistency for acquiring apparitional and anomalous evidence based on the combining theory and talents of Psychic Paranormal Researcher Director J. Burkhart & Psychic Medium Ms. Lee.

Yes, Frontier Field in Rochester NY is certainly haunted and backed by photographic evidence which show conclusively evidence of numerous forms of spectral activity taking place within the stadium, making this quite possibly the worlds first certified haunted sports arena.

Mano a Mano

At one point during the investigation, paranormal researcher Director J. Burkhart had found himself between the arrival of a group of negative entities and that of the small human group which had accompanied himself and Ms. Lee during their investigation.

Director Burkhart, being a psychic medium, had positioned himself between the two groups in both communicating and photographing the arriving entities in also assuring the safety of his companions, of which is also publicly on display through the Fear At Frontier web site.

Dealing with "hostiles" has always been an acceptable part of our research said J. Burkhart.

Rochester Paranormal

Photographic Evidence Of Haunting

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Ghostly Evidence Ghostly Evidence

Ghostly evidence from worlds first certified haunted sports arena.

Mano a Mano Mano a Mano

Negative entities which had been encountered at haunted sports arena.

Floating Head! Floating Head!

Besides the many other captured images of anomalies at Frontier Field stadium, this one of a floating head was actually quite startling as it made its way out of a tunnel area.