Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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Texas Republicans unswayed by Bush rhetoric urge fellow Republicans to put country before party and vote for John Kerry

Andy Smith a marketing manager for Texas Instruments is a long-time Republican. He will not to support George W. Bush this year. “In less than four years, we’ve gone from a record surplus to a record deficit, thereby passing along the burden to future generations of Americans,” Smith says. “There is no exit strategy for Iraq, and the situation there deteriorates daily. Because of the Bush administration’s policies, we’ve created more terrorists, united our enemies and distanced ourselves from some of our most loyal allies, not to mention taken our eyes off of the pursuit of Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda. On social issues, George W. Bush’s support of the Federal Marriage Amendment is an affront to the basic belief in equal rights upon which the G.O.P. was founded and Lincoln was elected.”

Mitch Dworkin has voted for Republican presidential candidates since he was 18 years old in 1984. He volunteered for Bush campaign 2000. By 2003 Dworkin was alarmed by the recklessness of Bush’s foreign policy. Dworkin says: “Bush's preemptive War in Iraq has further destabilized the Middle East and we have lost all our traditional allies. Today the U.S. is bearing at least 90% of the overall cost and troops in Iraq; reservist troops are being used at their highest levels since World War II; Iraqi insurgency is out of control…. Do we want four more years of pouring hundreds of billions of dollars into Iraq without proper management, while thousands of soldiers die?”

Timothy George, Republican from Waxahachie, is struck by the Bush administration lies, particularly those dealing with Iraq. “… While I could have supported a war [against Iraq} simply by virtue of Saddam's despotism, I will not abide being lied to repeatedly, or taken for ignorant as Dick Cheney continues to try to link Saddam and al Qaeda in the face of all the evidence to the contrary. This is truly worse than Nixon’s Watergate, but how could they possibility get away with it?”

Nicole Lambeth, a Republican from Lubbock, disputes Bush’s so called “leadership.” For her, leadership should be about substance, not image; actions not just words. “I support John Kerry because he is a man of integrity, intelligence, and vision,” she says. “Where has Bush led us: a rapid decline of the country’s economic health, a big increase in the level of poverty, a deteriorating environment, and a destabilized Middle East. Bush has proven beyond doubt that he is incompetent and incapable of being a leader. He is selling his image as a leader without any substance to back it up. It is a case of ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes.’ How can we possibly permit this level of incompetence in this most important position for another four years? The country and the world can’t bear it.”

These are all Texas Republicans who were loyal supporters of George W. Bush in 2000. In 2004 they will vote for John Kerry, a Democrat from Massachusetts. They are patriots who put country before party.

[For more information on writing by Mitch Dworkin, Andy Smith, Timothy George, Nicole Lambeth, and other members of Republicans for Kerry please contact]

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