Demonstration and Press Conference About the ZEC-Mass Evacuation Technique

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Demonstration and press conference about the ZEC-Mass evacuation technique on Friday October 15th in Lerma, Edo de Mexico. Starting 11 AM until 15 PM ( 30 miles from Mexico City)

For Immediate Release

Lerma, Edo de México Demonstration and press conference about the ZEC-Mass evacuation technique on Friday October 15th in Lerma, Edo de Mexico. Starting 11 AM until 15 PM ( 30 miles from Mexico City)

Please Contact us if you want to attend the presentation.

ZEC-ME or Zephinie Escape Chute - Mass Evacuation technique remains the only mass evacuation alternative technique since 1973.

Our intention is not proving that a common technique million times tested works. A product officially certified and marketed by a US multinational overseas for over 25 years.

We are making available for the press a ZEC-ME demo set. ... If still in October 2004, some American journalists remain skeptic about the merit of silencing embarrassing news … They are welcome, as are, of course, all journalists of the world.

Sep 11, 3000 lost their life about one hour and half after the attack.

If the assault haven't killed those innocent people. So, who or what have killed them?

It is obvious, but not proper, for the propaganda machine, to admit that not enough and inefficient means of evacuation have converted a terrible terrorist attack into a 10 times more lethal and horrifying death trap? Not to forget: terrorist attacks were expected anytime for years.

European democracies consider government responsive of public safety and civilian defence. In fact of everything that money theoretically should not buy. However, in America you have to find eventually charity money to suit the Barons disrespecting everything, if not huge R.O.I.! Vive le ROI!

America is setting up an abandon of the 18th century's illustration of Republican Government role. A reversion toward a conservative model of society . Like the late Holy German Empire. Election and/or discreet sharing of the imperial power among fraternities of feudal Barons with the blessing justice of the holy Christian inquisition. Alleluia!

Corporate Barons control Imperial holy and evil accuracy.

It result that Mass media "Patriotic" conformism with official " Truths" avoid for three years to question mass evacuation problem in war times.

Could 3000 deaths resulting of non-evacuation, be avoided ?... Only questioning the facts can help avoiding future evacuation catastrophes. But... Consistent unfairness, dissimulation ... Conspiracy of conflicting interests versus human interests, are the non-officially designed "evils' having contributed to Sep 11 non-evacuation drama.

When hiding evidences is considered a Patriotic duty ... Democracy is under attack.


Zephinie remains for over 30 years the original competence about mass evacuation alternative able to challenge official truth about Tall Building evacuation in the USA and every here else.

Zephinie don't commercialise ZEC technologies for years .. So there is no money to buy the media or everything you can buy with money for ever.

we can technically support anyone willing to sponsor a nation wide public demonstration of ZEC-ME in the USA.

The still huge business potential of ZEC-ME hopefully will contribute to set up a non-for-profit foundation promoting liberal alternative thinking.

Zephinie works for years on a philosophical project about Alternative Economy.

PS. I apologize for all English imperfections in the text.

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Please see our previous PR at: Open Letter to the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States - Tall Towers Evacuation in Case of Extreme Emergency Subject: Sep.11, WTC's evacuation issues and alternative solutions to secure effective mass evacuation. Special interests have silenced for years, using intimidation, the diffusion in the USA of an unique evacuation technique, million times tested under the responsibility of a Major US Corporation overseas for 20 years.

Gerard J. Zephinie

Inventor - Industrial Designer

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