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At Livingiseasy we help you to add life to your years and years to your life. So if its to buy, to browse, share your ideas, check out new products, latest offers and top tips or simply listen to our relaxing theme tune come and join our Livingiseasy.co.uk community. We showcase many new and revolutionary best selling health products sourced worldwide. From opur - the portable canister of oxygen, acustat electromembrane pain patches, light mask revolutionary treatment for migraines and PMS, lumie dawn simulation alarm clocks, the new pocket size bio electric high blood pressure reducer, bad breath sensors, power breathe breathing exerciser and many more.

Here are some of Livingiseasy's ideas for easy living best sellers:

Rio Light Mask (Lightmask) Photic Stimulation Therapy For Migraines, Headaches and Stress Relief:

Amazing new eye mask delivering tiny pulses of light on shut eyes. Called Photic Stimulation and developed at the London Hammersmith Hospital, the Rio Light Mask calms, soothes and relaxes the mind to relieve headaches, migraines, eye strain and tension. Pocket size - an excellent travel companion.


Lumie Sunrise Alarm Body Clocks:

Our own internal body clocks are set by nature to ensure that we slowly wake up in tune with the rising sun. Wake up to a gentle dawn simulation that keeps you in tune and does not disrupt your natural circadian rythm.


Power breathe (Powerbreathe), Lung Conditioner and Breathing Exerciser:

POWERbreathe Fitness. Revolutionary device that exercises the lungs to improve breathing, lung health and strength. The result is more life giving oxygen with every breath you take, enhancing stamina, endurance, mental clarity, vitality, fitness and posture. With 30 breaths just twice a day, breathing improves in as little as 4 weeks.


CHE-6 Drug Free Bio Electric High Blood Pressure Reducer - New!:

The NEW CHE-6 is a revolutionary, patented and proven therapy based on bio electric interaction with acupuncture points. Dramatically reduces high blood pressure within minutes with significant long term benefits. Pocket size and battery operated.


Fresh Kiss Bad Breath Sensor - Dont wait to be told!:

Almost anyone can suffer from bad breath at some time in their life but often we are not aware of the problem.


Opur Pocket Size Oxygen Cansiters:

Opur - An amazing compact pocket size canister of Oxygen. Incorporating unique patented Inhaler Cup Releases Oxygen one breath at a time.


HYGI Anti bacterial Superabsorbent Microfibre Hand Towel. The hygienic way to dry your hands!:

Hand towels in the toilet are notorious for harboring and breeding bacteria fuelled by their shared and frequent use as well as the damp, temperature and humidity conditions that enable bacteria to multiply uncontrollably! So no matter how meticulously you wash your hands, drying them on an ordinary hand towel simply smears bacteria right back on to them. The answer - Microfibre HYGI KITCHEN HAND TOWELS, Anti-bacterial and Super Absorbent.


Full Spectrum Daylight Bulb. The closest you can get to natural daylight:

Full Spectrum Daylight Bulbs that duplicate the light spectrum of natural daylight. The healhiest light source of all!


Active O2 Oxygenated Water from the depths of the Bavarian Alps:

Give yourself an Oxygen break. Active O2 - Spring Water from the Bavarian Alps with an oxygen kick! With every sip, the body takes in extra oxygen that is vital to life, health and energy.


Rio Advanced Sonic Deep Massager:

Can help relieve aches and pains from many conditions including strains, joint pains & arthritis....


Flor Essence detox - Bring your body back into balance:

Flor-Essence - The Ultimate Detox. For many hundreds of years, Flor Essence was a secret known only to the native American Ojibwe tribe and was described as the holy drink which brings the body back into balance with the great spirit.


Omega 3 Flax Seed Oil:

Livingiseasy, proud distributor of Stonemills Flax seed Products. Flax seed, sometimes referred to as linseed, has been known to be beneficial to health for several thousand years and was used in Mesopotamia as long ago as 5000BC.And now - its the 21st century's supernutrient!


Phero Fragrance - Designer Pheromone Fragrance:

Discover the key to instant sexual attraction!


WOW Pheromone Attractant Spray:

Want to attract more women? Try some instant sexual chemistry.


Oxygenated Face and Anti Cellulite Creams:

pO2 Contour - Dr Paul Herzog Oxygen Enriched Anti Cellulite Cream:

pO2 Contour. The original Dr Paul Herzog Anti Cellulite formulation harnessing the power of oxygen to activate the metabolism of adipocytes and restoring natural drainage and reducing fatty deposits.

pO2 Visage - Dr Paul Herzog Oxygen Enriched Face & Body Rejuvination Cream:

pO2 Visage. The original Dr Paul Herzog rejuvination facial cream. Harnessing the power of oxygen to stimulate cell renewal and re-generation, promote elasticity, thickness and firmness of the epidermis for beautiful, youthful and healthy looking skin.


Noene Heavy Duty 4mm Cushion Soles - Over 90kg and High Impact Sports:

NOENE - The most advanced IMPACT ABSORBING & SHOCK DISPERSING protective shoe insole in the world!....

Noene Standard 2mm Cushion Soles Up To 90Kgs:

NOENE - The most advanced IMPACT ABSORBING & SHOCK DISPERSING protective shoe insole in the world!....


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