Canadian Discount Drugs Enable Terrorist Prescription Drug Plot

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Kerry's support of Canadian discount drug importation can easily be used by terrorists to kill millions of already sick Americans.

Kerry’s promised support of the Kyoto Treaty and Canadian discount drug supporters will gather few votes but will negatively affect the entire population of our country. Less than 4% of our population is in need of discount drugs imported from Canada, but our entire prescription drug supply could be tainted for years with poison by terrorists if this is allowed. No Americans are helped by Kyoto but even Clinton ex-staffers say it could raise gasoline prices over 66 cents per gallon. The CATO Institute says Kyoto global warming research is useless.

President Reagan’s administration banned the import of drugs from a foreign country with a 1987 law named the Prescription Drug Marketing Act. Clinton also agreed with this law as does Bush. Its purpose is to set strict distribution controls on manufactured drugs in the US. Canada does not have these same controls on distribution. Without distribution controls, counterfeit, expired, infected, relabeled, generic replacements, knock offs or even drugs laced with poisons by terrorists could enter our distribution system undetected. It is extremely hard to test these drugs because they all look alike and they cannot test millions of doses of drugs for intended use.

In order to legally import from Canada, this law has to be amended or eliminated. As reported in the San Francisco Chronicle “There is no protection from Canada because Canada has no drug distribution laws. Already US drug companies are halting sales to Canadian pharmacies that are selling medicines over the internet to Americans. Those Canadian pharmacies are now turning to unregulated imports from Europe, Asia, Pakistan, India, Thailand and Mexico.” These countries are havens for unapproved, counterfeit, expired, infected, contaminated, relabeled, generic replacement, knock offs even drugs made in garages, potentially laced with poisons by terrorists. It widely known that presently up to 40% of drugs made in some of these countries are counterfeit. Lawyers may sue to force drug importation from any country or source in the future.

Think what terrorists could do if they lace drugs with poison, distribute them to Canada, and then to our wholesale channels. There is no way to stop this from happening if we allow foreign imports. It could flaw our health care system for years, making our drug supply suspect, potentially kill millions and enrich the terrorists to cause even more future death and destruction.

The reason drugs are cheaper in other countries is because their government health care systems have demanded that our drug companies provide them with lower prices or they will void the US patents and manufacture the drugs themselves. (Not because of volume purchases.) Forced reduction of US drug costs would kill research monies needed for future illness cures and will eliminate tens of thousands of related jobs in this country. Over 96% of the people in the US do not have a problem affording current drug prices or are already covered by medical insurance.

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