Science Uncovers Patented Extract That Prevents Hangovers, Fatigue and Exhaustion

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An Extract of the Prickly Pear Bears Amazing Preventative Fruit. Patented Opuntia Ficus Indica extract, Tex-OE ™, Elevates Heat Shock Proteins and Prevents Inflammation That Causes Hangover Symptoms, Plus Fatigue and Exhaustion Caused By Various Types of Stress.

Today, millions of people will find immediate usefulness in a scientific discovery that has the unique ability to prevent some of life's age-old maladies: the dreaded alcohol hangover and physical fatigue and exhaustion.

Science moves forward counteracting cocktails, fighting fatigue.

Ever since Bacchus, the god of drink, made it socially acceptable to raise a goblet or two, it is well understood that the hangover has plagued humankind unceasingly. On the other side of the human activity spectrum, challenging athletic competition and healthful physical exercise can cause a hangover of a different type-- performance robbing fatigue and exhaustion. In fact, it may be argued that today these two distinctly different types of "hangovers" may be the most omnipresent and frequently recurring afflictions in the world.

So why has it taken so long for science to uncover a way to hinder the onset of alcohol hangovers and physical fatigue and exhaustion in a similar way that the common "heartburn" has come under control-- with preventative little pills? Why hasn't science introduced a way to prevent the common occasional hangover and common fatigue and exhaustion? The answer may lie in the fact that until now, dealing with the unpleasant effects of chemically or physically stressing our body have most often focused on an "after the fact" remedy.

Most people who drink do not expect to experience a hangover when they drink alcoholic beverages socially. But one good drink can often lead to another. And, it does not take vast quantities of alcohol to result in an unexpected hangover the morning following intemperate indulgence. In addition, most people who enjoy engaging in athletic competition or physical workouts, also do not expect to to suffer as a result.

So millions of otherwise positive thinking adults find themselves dealing with the problems after they occur. And aspirin and analgesics and other "over-the-counter remedies" deliver little more than hope and hype to hangover and fatigue and exhaustion's victim.

Now there's a better solution! Science has uncovered an effective way to actually prevent both hangovers and physical fatigue and exhaustion. Finally, science has uncovered a preventative "pill" that prevents the effects of these and other types stress on the body.

The revolutionary botanical discovery was extracted by a cell biology/pharmacology team from a plant that thrives in the scorching temperatures of the world's deserts. The plant, a member of the Cactus family, is known as Opuntia ficus indica.

In their extensive scientific examination of the cactus, the team uncovered an incredible finding. The unique environmental defense mechanism of the cactus centers on its ability to regulate and rapidly induce the synthesis of protective Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs). Discovered within the past 25 years, and common to all living things, HSPs protect organisms against many types of stress.

In the human body, HSPs play a natural protection and recovery role against stresses and the pain and fatigue they can bring. HSPs are the vital proteins that help protect cells and tissue enable them to recover from physical stresses of all types. Unfortunately it normally takes 2-3 hours for HSPs to elevate in the human body. To rapidly accelerate the synthesis of the protective proteins, (up to 20 times faster) the research team developed a patented extract formula, Tex-OE ™, with a special bioactivity, derived from the skin of the Prickly Pear fruit.

The extract formula developed has been clinically proven to protect the human body against various types of aggressions by greatly enhancing the ability of the body to rapidly accelerate synthesis of the stress proteins that prevent inflammation.

The patented extract of the fruit of the Prickly Pear, now trademarked under the name Tex-OE™, has been proven to possess the power to protect people from the ravages of physical stress of many types: physical, chemical, oxidative, ionizing, mental, even jet-lag.

A Southern California company, Nutrimark, LLC., is marketing the patented extract, Tex-OE ™, in two products aimed at distinctly different markets:

Prepair ™ Anti-Fatigue and Exhaustion Formula, is directed at physical fitness enthusiasts and anyone simply interested in preventing fatigue and exhaustion.

HPF Hangover Prevention Formula ™, clinically proven in a major medical university's double-blind study, peer-reviewed and published by the AMA in one of the nation's most prestigious medical journals, is being marketed to anyone who wants to "prevent" the morning-after ravages of a hangover-- instead of trying to cure an existing one.

More information can be found on these products by contacting Nutrimark or by visiting the company's website:

Nutrimark, LLC., P.O. Box 346, Cardiff By The Sea, CA 92007

(760) 230-1628


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