New E-Mail Workshop Defeats Universal Office Enemy: E-Mail Overload

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Cohesive Knowledge Solutions has developed a new training workshop that helps enterprises to reduce e-mail by 20% while improving quality of e-mail by 50%.

Every morning Tim Burress, a Regional Sales Director at a large healthcare company, was greeted by an avalanche of e-mail and voice-mail. Processing this rising tide of information was draining Tim’s productivity and sapping his motivation. To make matters worse, Tim was finding it increasingly difficult to rapidly locate documents and e-mail that he had stored on his computer. His world was becoming more and more chaotic.

Like countless others suffering from information overload, Tim’s first instinct was to invest in new technology. Unfortunately, the shiny new PDA that he purchased only seemed to increase the number of messages that he sent and received. Tim noticed that his co-workers were also struggling with bloated e-mail inboxes and the management of tons of documents. His company had tried to distribute a list of e-mail best practices without much buy-in from the rank and file. Tim began to realize that solving this problem would help a lot of companies become much more productive.

Tim smelled an opportunity. He and a partner left their jobs and began a quest to find the holy grail of the business world: A proven and sustainable solution for e-mail overload! They called their company Cohesive Knowledge Solutions, Inc.

The Quest

Tim took two years and studied information and knowledge management. He spent another year interviewing professionals and beta testing ideas. After much trial and error, Tim and his team developed a new training workshop that actually seemed to decrease the amount of e-mail sent and received by participants.

The Cohesive Knowledge Team dubbed the new training experience TeamMessaging™ because of its focus on teamwork, coaching, and leadership. TeamMessaging led participants through a series of interactive experiences that helped them to apply time-tested teamwork principles to the virtual world of e-mail.

The Results: E-Mail Reduced by 20%!

Armed with impressive metrics from rigorous beta testing, Tim began knocking on the doors of large Fortune 500 companies. Remarkably, doors began to swing open almost immediately. As it turned out, just about every company - was wrestling with the challenge of too much, low value e-mail. Enterprises embraced TeamMessaging because it succeeded where all previous attempts had failed.

One large Fortune 500 financial institution, was able to reduce total messaging by almost 20% while improving the quality of e-mail by 50%. This saved each trainee about 12 work days per year. The word spread fast and customers began contacting Cohesive Knowledge.

Just three months after bringing TeamMessaging to market, Cohesive Knowledge has trained over 1,500 Fortune 500 employees and has initiated a strategic partnership with a large, nationwide training outfit.

CEO’s and CIO’s have taken a particular shine to TeamMessaging. Executives like the emphasis on teamwork and the idea of leveraging existing technology investments. They also are impressed that Cohesive Knowledge conducts long term surveys that demonstrate lasting results.

Tim and his growing team are very happy these days. They spend their time delivering a valuable service that helps people to defeat a universal arch enemy: information overload. In a way, it’s like going to work each day and beating up Lex Luther. It’s fun and rewarding! If you would like to learn more, please e-mail Tim at or call him at 804-513-4116.

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