Signs of Mental Instability in George W. Bush?

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A Free-Speech Political Opinion by Rev. Bill McGinnis, Public Domain. Please also see

As I watch this campaign progress, I think I am seeing more and more signs of mental instability in George W. Bush. Do you see them, too?

Do you remember in the first debate, how he sat there, making strange faces, as he heard things he disagreed with? Afterwards, his handlers calmed him down, and he managed to refrain from doing the same thing during most of the second debate.

And in the second debate, did you notice how he charged forward, interrupting the moderator, breaking the rules, to angrily rebut a Kerry comment he didn't like? Did you see the wild-eyed look of rage on his face as he did this? Go back and study the video. It will frighten you.

Do you remember how he has been asked two times, on national TV, to identify at least one mistake he has made in office? And both times he refused to mention even one specific thing? How realistic is that, failing

to recognize even one specific mistake?

And have you noticed lately in his campaign speeches, how he sounds more and more like the raving, ranting drunk at the bar, angrily spouting off about some problem or another in the world? Right before the fight breaks out?

Let's all watch carefully during this upcoming third debate Wednesday night. Let's see how he reacts to what is said, particularly when he is rightfully criticized for his tragic bad leadership during his term of office.

And let's see if he can answer the questions truthfully and directly, without wandering off to make some mini-speech that doesn't really answer the question he was asked; or taking a trip to Fantasy Land, creating some imaginary scenario that justifies his dangerous, impulsive behavior.

For a more complete critique, please also see "The Tragic Bad Leadership Of Our Deluded President," at

Blessings to you. May God help us all.

Rev. Bill McGinnis, Director

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