3 Ways to Conquer the “Terror” of Terror

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Lynn Jericho's (counselor, author, speaker) recent address to parents and professionals in NYC about conquering the "Terror" of Terror most of us are experiencing. She recommends 3 unique and simple personal exercises addressing individual "thinking", "feeling" and "willingness to act" that can relieve most "Terror" of Terror. Lynn is introducing these outside NY for the first time.

Lynn Jericho, noted counselor, educator, speaker and principal in Foursquare Conversations LLC (http://www.4sqconversations.com), an Adult Learning and Publishing company, released today the text of her recent New York City speech to alarmed parents and professionals, ‘Living Confidently With Terror; Three Ways to Conquer the “Terror” of Terror”.

The speech focused on what Ms. Jericho claimed was residually frightening the general public … not actual acts of terror … but the “Terror” of Terror. She sees “Terror” of Terror not only in her counseling clients but also in the media’s hyper focus on possible “events”, in the government’s paranoia and Homeland Security alerts, and in voiced individual concerns throughout the entire country. She believes that “Terror” of terror … not actual terrorism … is governing many decisions in society today.

“Terror” of Terror affects an individual’s basic sense of security…his ability to think, his ability to will action, and his entire feeling spectrum of understanding. These are the underpinnings of confidence. Without them or with weakened versions, most of us are susceptible to “Terror” of Terror. This individual reaction translates to group behavior and to a collective behavior pattern that affects our entire lives. Ms. Jericho’s counseling experience with her client base is that “Terror” of Terror can be conquered or mitigated on any individual level by three simple exercises performed daily over a short time span. Conquering “Terror” of Terror individually reflects upward in society and corrects our current aberrant behaviors.

Ms. Jericho's tested and recommended exercises are designed to restore power in all three areas:

One exercise is designed to strengthen an individual’s thinking. One exercise is designed to strengthen an individual’s will. One exercise is designed to strengthen an individual’s feeling.

The entire speech text is attached.

Lynn Jericho and her partner Dr. Bethene LeMahieu are Principals in Foursquare Conversations LLC, http://www. 4sqconversations.com, a self-development publisher and sponsor of workshops and seminars. Lynn is a highly regarded personal counselor (12 years), published author, leader of adult transformative learning programs across the US and Canada and a popular speaker. She is co-author of " Ground Zero and the Human Soul," the well reviewed six conversation series about the world of 9/12.(http://www.groundzeroandthehumansoul.com). She (with Bethene) offers a unique periodic seminar, "The Outrageous Feminine", (http://www.outrageousfeminine.com) throughout the country to sold out audiences. Lynn’s personal website is http://www.lynnjericho.com on which are listed the subjects of her many talks and seminars.

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