When President Bush and Senator Kerry step onto the Stage Wednesday, One of the Candidates May Have an Advantage in their Pocket.

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In preparation of WednesdayÂ?s final face-to-face debate, both camps have purchased large quantities of a hot election collectible within the past weeks and appear to be putting them to good use for Â?StressÂ? relief and Â?MotivationÂ?

Battle of the Squeeze Dolls

Studio City, CA (PRWEB) October 13, 2004 –An anonymous Bush campaign staffer confirmed to Squeezevote.com today that President Bush and his debate team are using John Kerry Squeeze Dolls as “props” in their final debate preparations. According to Ron Howell of Squeezevote.com an audit of the past months orders confirmed that a “Unusually large amount of Dolls have indeed been shipped to Bush debate prep sites and were ordered by individuals who are directly involved with the Bush campaign.” The exact amount of items ordered and to whom they were sent is confidential and will not be released by Squeezevote.com.

The review also turned up a similar pattern of Bush Squeeze Dolls sent to the John Kerry campaign although no independent confirmation of their intended use has been obtained.

The Bush staffer additionally hinted that President Bush is intending to carry the doll with him into the debate arena Wednesday night as a reminder of his opponents “Flip-Flopping”. Whether or not that would break the complicated debate rules set by the candidates is not known.

SqueezeVote.com hosts the "Battle of the Squeeze Dolls" and sells the hottest political novelties in the 2004 Election. The George Bush Doll Squeeze Doll which depicts The President in a flight suit giving the "Thumbs up" and the John Kerry Squeeze Doll which depicts him wearing flip-flop sandals while holding a stack of waffles and with a bottle of ketchup in his back pocket.

The dolls have become runaway hits and are currently being gobbled up by local Republican and Democratic canvassing boards to use in fund raising and motivation for their ground troops who are preparing for a ruthless battle on November 2nd. Other private collectors are also in the game, expecting the dolls to become an instant collectible, as they are the most unique item available in the 2004 election.

When a customer makes a purchase from SqueezeVote.com, they cast a vote for the candidate they support in the Presidential election. The votes are counted in the state to which their order is shipped. SqueezeVote.com produces an Electoral College Prediction map based on the accumulated sales each Sunday evening. You can view the current predictions at http://www.squeezevote.com

The fun and innovative dolls are favored for Stress relief by voters who love to squeeze and torment their opponent. Nearly 80% of customers also buy the doll of the candidate they support with the intent to "Squeeze with affection".

Ron Howell of SqueezeVote.com points out "It's a fun way to tone down the negativity surrounding the election and take out your frustrations on the opposition. It's also a useful tool in encouraging voter participation and stimulating debate".

Each Sunday, the results are tabulated and added to the previous weeks totals. When one candidates total votes within a state is 51% or greater, that state and it's electoral votes are assigned to that candidate. SqueezeVote.com produces a US Map visually depicting the assigned states (Bush - Red, Kerry - Blue or Too Close to call - Yellow). Hi-resolution maps are available for media broadcast and/or reprint at http://www.squeezevote.com/press.html

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