Counter-Terrorism Emergency Reference a Best Seller Among Average Americans

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Trying to cope in a post 911 world has found many Americans purchasing a best selling Counter-terrorism reference.

Initially written for first responders, the Pocket Partner, a counter-terrorism and emergency protocol reference has found its way into the hands of a diverse group of Americans. "The people who purchase the Pocket Partner take in almost every walk of life " said former small town police chief Dennis Evers and the person behind the book."We sell books to billion dollar companies and grandmothers on the same day". "Parents buy it for their kids in college, business owners for the office and moms for the home and car while highly classified government agencies purchase them for their field agents, it's incredible".

Packed between the covers is a compliation of emergency protocols, graphs, charts and higly indexed information as diverse as the people who read it.

In addition to detailed current information on bioterrorism, chemical, nuclear and radiological weapons, their antidotes, signs of use and likely targtets, the book has an illustrated first aid chapter, info on how to deal with tainted mail, package and car bombs, profiling suicide bombers, prohibited carry on items, a full Federal Haz Mat guide, over 2000 street drug names and hundreds of other bits of information.

If you are looking for ice thickness and cold water survival charts, heat and humidity indexes or wind,tornado, earthquake and hurricane intensity scales, look no further.

Over 1000 emergency phone numbers round out the book with numbers from Interpol down to every state highway patrol, poison control centers the FBI, BIA, BLM, DEA, IRS, ATF,INS, EPS, FAA,FRA, missing children and substance abuse resources and dozens more.

The book also contains several chapters wih practical information as well. An area code chart by state and number,sign language, Geometry, Triginometry, weights and measures as well as phone numbers for car rental companies, insurance and credit card fraud and dozens of hard to find numbers make it

an invaluable resource if you need it.

With ever-present man-made and natural disasters, and a shortage of manpower that follows them, it makes sense to have life saving information on hand. However, as Evers puts it, "God only knows what tomorrow will bring so prepare to the level that makes you comfortable and get on with life".

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