John Kerry is more Republican than Bush

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Debates prompt conservative Pennsylvania Republican to declare Kerry Â?more Republican than Bush.Â?

Bruce Marshal, living in a Republican suburb of Pittsburgh, PA, is a conservative who has voted Republican in every election he could. Marshal has been following the presidential debates closely. After watching the vice presidential debate, he wrote “John Edwards was refreshing, straightforward, and truthful. I may not agree with everything he says, but we can feel confident that he stands up for all American citizens. It was disturbing to watch Mr. Cheney, who to this day has not leveled with Americans about the realities in Iraq, nor has he been truthful about the reasons the United States went to war there. It is clear that during the debate he chose his words carefully; they were not truthful, but served only to support his [administration’s] actions.”

Marshal wants Americans to trust the Republican party, but with Bush Americans are learning to distrust Republicans. Marshal told that decades ago he regarded Democrats as corrupt in their catering to the big labor unions. The Bush administration’s favoritism toward corporate interests, many of whom are political contributors, is far more disturbing Marshal suggested. “Their self-serving and selfish short term profit-before-people policies are destroying the country that my father and uncles risked their lives for -- the country that and hundreds of thousands of our citizens died to save."

The debates have transformed Marshal from “Anybody but Bush” to a full-fledged supporter of the Kerry/Edwards. He has even put a “ Republicans for Kerry” bumper sticker on his car. “I don’t like bumper stickers and I had never had one in my life,” he said. “But since these two debates, I have changed my position…. I feel very good about my decision and my support for Kerry/Edwards.”

“Here in ‘Pleasant Valley Sunday’ suburban professional Wexford, those who think of themselves as ‘Christians,’ and those with white-collar jobs follow their leaders as was described in the book ‘A Nation of Sheep’ four decades ago,” Marshal observed. “Many people will blindly follow the Republican Party mantra rather than risk social ostracism. Well, it’s OK to be a Republican and not support Bush. It’s OK to be a Republican and support Kerry.”

Marshal urges his fellow Republicans to take a close look at John Kerry’s policies and not trust 30-second sound bites. “If you read Kerry’s plan you will learn that John Kerry is more Republican than Bush!” Marshal asserted. “Like John Heinz, Nelson Rockefeller, Eisenhower, Abraham Lincoln, etc., Kerry is willing to accept responsibility for his actions. And most importantly, he has the courage to see the truth and to develop his plans for this country based on facts. That is the fundamental difference between Kerry/Edwards and Bush/Cheney. Therefore, the only honorable position for a Republican during this election is to support Kerry.”

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