Why People Who Sleep 8 Hours Or More Die Sooner - Is It Possible To Have More Energy By Sleeping Less, Not More?

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Is it possible to sleep only 5 hours and have more energy than when you sleep for 8 hours or longer? New discovery stirs controversy.

There's a lot of hype out recently telling everyone that we're all sleep deprived and should all get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep per night, “it's absolute nonsense , any sleep expert would agree,” says Kacper Postawski, an innovative sleep expert who shows people how to get more time and energy in their lives by reducing their sleep down to 5 or even sometimes 4 hours.

Postawski goes on to say “there's an underlying mechanism inside your body called the inner sleep clock, which controls how long you sleep, and how physically energizing your sleep is. Most people are completely oblivious to this sleep system, and don't realize just how vital this system is to one's health. People also don't know that this inner system can be optimized so that you can sleep less, and have more energy than when you slept longer! Most people fail to reduce their sleep because they don't understand how their inner sleep system works.”

Here is just some of the information Kacper will share with you and your audience :

• The findings of a recent study done with 1 million people that shows people who sleep 8 hours or longer die sooner.

• The 4 most important elements of the inner sleep clock, which control how long you sleep and how physically energizing your sleep is.

• How a few simple changes in your lifestyle can drastically energize your sleep system, allowing you to sleep less and have more energy during the day.

• The common myth about “catching up on sleep” - Why sleeping longer during the weekends damages your sleep system and prevents healthy sleep.

Kacper is an excellent interviewee and will thrill both you and your audience. Kacper can answer any questions your audience may have on sleep and offers a free booklet to anyone interested at http://www.PowerfulSleep.com/p

To schedule an interview contact Kacper at 1-(778)-371-8278, or by e-mail at Kacper@PowerfulSleep.com.

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