Verdatum Releases Stand Alone Version of its Digital Dictation System

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Law firms without a Document Management System may now enjoy the benefits of Verdatum managed dictation, allowing for faster work turn around, remote access convenience for users, and accurate productivity assessment.

Verdatum has released its latest product, the Verdatum Digital Dictation System version 1.75. This product now makes available real-time management of the dictation and transcription process to any law firm or dictation using enterprise, large or small. This newest version of Verdatum offers all of the features and benefits of the original Verdatum system 1.5, but instead of integrating with Interwoven’s document management system, Verdatum 1.75 utilizes a proprietary Document Tracking System (DTS) that permits users to link and track dictation and associated documents.

“We developed this product, quite simply, because the market asked for it,” said John Methfessel, President and CEO of Verdatum. “Many potential clients loved the features and benefits of Verdatum Version 1.5 but were not Interwoven customers, so we had the design team develop a system which retained the unique advantages of 1.5 while allowing it to function as a stand-alone. We also incorporated the Verdatum philosophy of integrated document management into the design. This version will unquestionably accelerate the migration of tape-based to digital based dictation, an eventual certainty for any enterprise using dictation, and Verdatum is the clear choice for enterprise users because of it’s features, ease of use, and proven return on investment.”

The benefits of the Verdatum DDS are substantial. For attorneys (authors), digital audio is created on hardware similar to existing analog (tape) solutions, and the audio is easily imported into the Verdatum Digital Dictation system, where it is stored and backed up as any other network data, eliminating the possibility of loss, damage or destruction. Verdatum’s backup system ensures that the age-old frustration of lost or mangled audiotape is nothing but a distant unpleasant memory. Dictation can be instantly located and transcription progress can be instantly determined. Work can be recalled by the author at anytime from the desktop. For transcriptionists, work can be instantly accessed from the desktop, and queues can be viewed to accurately gauge work in process.

For management, all dictation across the enterprise can be reviewed by a single glance at the management console, and work can be easily assessed and reassigned. Work can be centralized and routed to that central location from other areas over the network instantly for economies previously impossible to achieve. Productivity reports can be run on all authors and transcriptionists to assess productivity. Remote authors can upload dictation through a web portal anywhere that there is internet access. For network administrators, Verdatum installation can be automated and performed rapidly with minimal intervention.

While many law firms cite their advanced technology as a competitive advantage and a service differentiator, few have implemented a digital dictation system (DDS), even though the benefits are plainly apparent. “Verdatum digital dictation users have many competitive advantages over analog tape users. The DDS shop can turn work around to its clients quicker by effectively managing the dictation; audio can be transferred between transcriptionists with a click, even if they’re in different offices,” said Mr. Methfessel. “Authors don’t have to wait to get back to their office to get their work transcribed; they can upload it over the internet. Firms can produce the work at less expense by using typing resources in physical locations where they are least expensive, or by outsourcing the transcription process. In these days of increasing law firm competition you need to use technology to differentiate your firm and stay ahead of your competition. It’s not only expected by the General Counsels and Claim Vice Presidents of today, it’s demanded.”

Attorneys like many of the benefits of the Verdatum DDS, but are particularly partial to remote accessibility over the internet.

“The focus for IT over the last several years has been network accessibility by attorneys who are increasingly on the road through the use of Blackberry’s and pda’s. But attorneys don’t only want to pull data from the network while they are mobile; they want to push their work onto it so that it can be processed while they’re on the move. They also don’t want to have to return to the office to physically drop off their tapes for processing, or arrange for courier delivery. Verdatum’s digital solution allows uploaded dictation to be captured by the network and subjected to management so that the work can be turned around to the attorney and client faster and more accurately,” said Mr. Methfessel.

While law firms and other dictation using enterprises have been slow to adopt DDS, clearly the cassette and micro cassette will soon go the way of the reel to reel tape and the eight track tape, as they realize just how quickly the Verdatum DDS pays for itself and begins saving the firm money. At that point micro cassette dictation machines will be as hard to locate in law firms as typewriters are now. For Verdatum, that dictates a bright future.

About Verdatum

Verdatum produces digital dictation systems (DDS) designed to replace analog (tape-based) dictation so that dictation may be tracked and managed on the network just as documents are. Verdatum solutions either tightly integrate with Interwoven’s document management system or operate as a stand-alone solution with the integrated document tracking system. The company is headquartered in New York, NY and has customers in the US and Australia. To learn more, visit the company’s website @

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