CompAmerica, the GiantKillers™, Announces the “Wonder PC" Program

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CompAmerica, the GiantKillersÂ?, announced itÂ?s Â?Wonder PC" program: Â?better quality, better service, more choices, newer designs than the competitionÂ?Â?.

CompAmerica announces that its 'warmer, friendlier, more proactive service department' and “better products, service and breadth of choices” make up its “GiantKiller” offerings: "The Wonder PC's." They can be found by punching the “PCs >” button on its home page at

New LGA-775 PC's and CompAmerica’s own “VFTA” technology – which saves personal computers from primary hard drive failure by providing an automatic mirror image of the C: drive in real time – are featured in this section of its website.

“We can provide you anything from slim, widescreen 5 pound Centrino Laptops of our own to Cisco’s extraordinary Enterprise Routers, at a lower price. We have the technology people ready to program and install them for you! We simply eat their lunch!” stated CompAmerica’s Chairman Jack Shulman, discussing how it is that his company has a nearly zero failure rate, and isn’t overwhelmed with service requests on it’s 24x7 tech support lines. Shulman innovated the first desktop windowed personal computers in 1974 at a time when desktop computers “cost between $10 and $20,000, so consumers had no idea there were such things 20 years before Microsoft first released Windows 95.”

Shulman was also involved in the development of what became the PC architecture and other desktops in the 70’s, as well as heading up outside design and programming support for an IBM project called “Office of the Future” that led up to the PC, MAC, Windows and Mac/Os.

“It’s interesting how it is that marketing companies make it all look like one day someone stepped off the bus with a board and some floppies, and the next day there was PC Dos, then MAC/OS and Windows, and now the so-called ‘arrival’ of Linux. Linux, for example, arrived in 1965 not 2005. Those of us who innovate such inventions and discoveries are often completely or even deliberately forgotten in the perennial recycling of ideas that goes on in this industry. It is perverse to mis-attribute the origination of concept to Bill Gates or Paul Allan or Steve Jobs or Linus Torvald. While these marketing wizards do get incessantly wealthy as ball carriers in the current Generations of recycling/reintegrating our ideas, they did not originate any of those ideas. Those of us who invent the stuff are usually completely or even deliberately forgotten. We are left behind to get recycled by IBM and others as well, forced to come up with newer ideas while they hoard the vast quantities of revenue in outside businesses which leverage our past work. Such is what we believe about Dell, we believe them to be IBM PC Company with a modernized business model but MORE OF THE SAME products recycled into a 2nd and 3rd Generation marketing program. The recognizable traits of IBM recycling our handiwork is usually only recognizable to us, the originators. The consumers are usually well fooled.”

CompAmerica maintains a website at which has been deemed “highly innovative” by some. The website incorporates a “minimum number of clicks” (MNOC) architecture, a “streamlined shopping carts” approach, and an "Open Warehousing" design.

Payment is accepted electronically through secure payment or by phone or in person: checks, standard credit cards by phone, email or web, as well as PayPal by web, and Western Union.

The CompAmerica website is subdivided into several categories: PCs, Laptops, Servers, Industrial Computers and Technical Support. It claims to maintain the largest driver library of any computer manufacturer on the Internet. It also includes popular “Live Chat” and “Group Services”, along with a private intranet for IT and B2B buyers called the “B2B eStore”, which in partnership with, provides what may be the most concise, informative comparative shopping tool and intranet shopping cart system ever devised.

Visuals are simple; some products include a “select a picture” approach to providing full 3D views. A powerful Memory Configurator allows anyone to match memory to the product they are seeking to upgrade, and will also provide all the parameters they wanted to know about their own system, such as: fastest CPU, maximum Memory, type and style, bus speed and so forth. The Search engine is extremely fast at searching through nearly 8 million pages of information, and can find nearly any product in the industry or it’s equivalent.

CompAmerica has stated publicly that it believes companies on the web are “cleverly manipulating their shopping cart so as to lock you into purchasing a product, whether you want that one or not, they could be accused of bait and switch or worse, crate and switch.” Crate and Switch is the practice of subtly mis-stating the features of a product so it is not fully understood by the purchaser until they "uncrate it" after getting it to their home or office.

CompAmerica says that it's “Open Warehouse Web Architecture”, which also provides ADA Section 508 conforming products and services, is “next generation”, a site which uses the best practices to insure that consumers and IT and Business and Government are not patronized by the “Self Aggrandizement of No thought, Limited Choice, Cut Corners products” offered “in Dell Hell”.

"Ultimately, it's the Human Factor that makes the difference. A compassionate, interested vendor who understands technology is far easier to work with and far more accurate at fullfilling your precise needs, than a pushy, aggressive salesman who has scripts on how to mislead you into buying more than you need, while getting less than you thought. Our sales staff are all cross trained system engineers, and that means you get the right products at the right time with the right features, backed by common sense!" added Shulman.

“” and “” were developed by a team of experienced web developers who elected to go with a “slightly lower tech, higher degree of customer choice” environment that “didn’t automate everything, with natural jumping off points for the public that would allow them to elect to make a phone call to a Human Being at CompAmerica, who could advise them more cogently, without the kind of ‘sell them a PC at any cost, without any real choice’ processes” that others allegedly provide.

CompAmerica is a leader in industry innovations who can be reached by phone at 888-ASK-CSS-1, and by email at e-mail protected from spam bots.

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