Endless WishBones for Endless Wishes--New Twist to a Timeless Tradition

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Everyone, child and adult alike, can interact with each other and share in the Pure Excitement of the Magic and Fantasy thatÂ?s part of The WishBone Tradition. ItÂ?s all about Fun and Family. Sure to be #1 on the Thanksgiving Wish List.

The Perky Turkey Lucky WishBone is the first New ICON created in over 200 years.

An Entrepreneurial R & D company in Florida, Hot Ideas International, Inc., has created Perky Turkey “Lucky WishBones,” aka “WishBones for the Masses.” Their "Mad scientist" Inventor behind the Lucky WishBones and 50 other diverse mass consumer products, is a retired Dentist by the name of Dr. C.J. Courtenay. Hot Ideas, the World's Top Expert on WishBone Lore, holds the World Wide Patents & Copyrights. No other company offers these realistic WishBones with that "Satisfying Telltale Snap." The WishBones' unique built in emotion and their 100% recognition factor coupled with their new national availability will make them the New Hot National Icon. It just might be the next Top popular phenomenon to capture America's imagination. They will soon be sold in all of the nations retail Stores, tailored to Family, Sports, or Political Packs.

For Children, it's something special, a little Treasure, all their very own. It's the same emotion children feel when they blow out birthday candles or wish upon a falling star. It's real. It's great fun for all parties and all family get-togethers. Both children & adults get excited about making wishes together in a party and family atmosphere. WishBones “a plenty” allow all the children and each member of the family to equally share in those special moments of fun & excitement at family get-togethers. It is something they will all eagerly look forward to. In a child's world this is everything. Studies show that things like beautiful sunsets, Christmas trees, Wishbones, etc., produces Endorphins of Pleasure in us Humans. That's why we all enjoy them so much.

Now, Everyone in the family finally gets to have their very own WishBone and a chance to make their very own Lucky Wish. Stops squabbles and hurt feelings. Expands family Fun. They can even get a 2nd Chance to Win their Best Wish if they don't get the Lucky Break the 1st time because now everyone can have as many Lucky WishBones and Wishes as their hearts desire. After all, we all need a "Lucky Break."

It's hard to imagine a product that appeals to such a wide range of demographics. The WishBone Tradition crosses all cultural and ethnic boundaries, enjoyed by more people than even a Christmas tree. Being safe and hygienic, it won't be long before single WishBone packs will be given out by restaurants at Thanksgiving, just like Chinese restaurants give out fortune cookies. It's inevitable. It's too darn much Fun not to.

Societal Note on the times we live in: Vegetarian Groups, Animal Rights Groups and PETA are positively ecstatic over Hot Ideas' non-gendered, non-meat WishBone.

Hot Ideas even created a Political WishBone for the 2004 elections. Bush's name was stamped on the Right leg and Kerry's on the Left leg. The limited edition sold out in no time. Hot Ideas plans to release a sports edition for the Super Bowl. Wishbones have endless possibilities.

Hot Ideas International, Inc. announces today that it’s “Gigantic WishBone Giveaway” Program of approx. 200,000 WishBones for the Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan for the Thanksgiving & Christmas Holidays has been formally approved by the Central Command of the USA.

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