- Dewalt Upgrades their 18V Cordless Drill kit with Another Winner.

Share Article VP Kevin Hill reviews the Dewalt DC759KA. Taking the place of their DW series, the new dewalt DC series features many improvements. The DC759 is the new Dewalt 18 Volt Cordless drill, and it's on sale at

As a Tool store owner and manager of, I get the chance to review and handle quite a few tools. I also get the chance to hear from lots of people about the tools that they use in their daily jobs. From pros to casual tool users, I get feedback from all sorts of different places.

The tools that I review at, are tools that I have actually used myself, and tools that I have formed opinions on from personal experience; tempered with feedback from our many customers.

The DC759 is my recent tool of use, and it replaced my workhorse cordless drill of years antiquity.

The DC759 is an 18V cordless drill with clutch, ratcheting chuck, and a variable speed motor. What does this mean? It means that you can take this tool anywhere, you can ratchet down on your bits, and they won't slip, and you can press the trigger part of the way down, and the drill will turn slower than when you press down on the trigger fully.

The weight and balance of the tool is nice, though, for casual users, 14V or 12V would save you some weight. Either of the lighter voltages will work just great for the casual or semi-pro user. Though, after much use, the 18V battery is not that heavy. I'd only notice it with extended over head use.

I like several things about this drill. It's got a compact nose. It's slightly longer than my previous drill, but it is thinner. I like this as it allows me to get into tighter spots easier. It's also shorter from nose to tail; meaning that I can get it into small wall spaces easier.

Another great feature, that I think lots of manufacturers overlook is the clips that hold the batteries in. I do a LOT of typing, and sometimes, pincher actions or clamping actions with my hands is weak. On the Dewalt batteries, the motion necessary to remove the battery is very easy, and I don't have to strain to get the battery off. On some other setups, the pinching/clamping motion required is quite strong, and makes it hard to do one handed sometimes. The Dewalt gets an A+ for it's battery system. That's one area that I really notice on drills - and Dewalt did it right.

How does it drill? 18 Volts comes in real handy and leaves no doubt about the job getting done. I particularly like the clutch system which allows me to safely tighten screws without stripping them out. The 2 batteries work like a charm, and I always keep one on the charger ready to use. That way I am never out.

The tool comes with 2 batteries, charger, drill, case and double sided bit tip for phillips and flathead. The quality of the tool is superb, and the feel is excellent.

For the construction pro- 18V HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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