Authentium Ramps Up Response To Mass-Mailer Viruses

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Security company ramps up response as mass-mailer virus outbreaks increase in frequency; new improved virus update service improves response time by up to 75%; definition files produced by Authentium within thirty minutes of detection by threat monitoring service Message Labs.

Authentium, one of the leading antivirus software developers in the United States, announced today the launch of an automated, highly-efficient threat response service that significantly reduces the time needed to create virus definition files.

Mr. Robert Sandilands, head of Antivirus Research and Development at Authentium, said the company had made a significant investment in the technology needed to manage the threat definition process, and had done so in response to the rapidly increasing number of attacks, particularly in mass-mailer viruses such as MyMail and Netsky.

“In the past, we would see perhaps a handful of sophisticated viruses appear in a month.” Mr. Sandilands stated. “Now, we see the same number of sophisticated threats appearing on a daily basis. This increase in frequency requires a system calibrated for swift analysis and fast distribution. Our new ADFS system vastly reduces manual processes and allows us to respond more intelligently, and faster than ever before.”

Like its earlier counterparts, such as MyDoom and MyMail, Netsky and its many variants can only replicate itself with the user’s help. To become infected with, email users must first click on attachments, or download infected files from file-sharing services.    

“The integration of computer viruses and bots by spammers and other criminal elements is creating an increasingly costly situation for network operators” added John Sharp, Chairman and CEO of Authentium. “In a world in which spamming is now becoming regulated, what better way of avoiding penalties than to have consumers do the spamming for you? I worry that the current epidemic of mass-mailers that we’re seeing may only be the beginning. They are going to get smaller, smarter, and much more stealthy in their operation. The correct response from our industry is to get smarter, and faster, and use ever-better heuristics so our customers stay protected.”

Mr. Sharp was cautiously optimistic with respect to the potential of to infect. “Right now, it appears not to have infected very many computers – yet. So long as network operators diligently apply the patches we, and others in the industry are sending out, and we stay ahead of the game in terms of response time, should not become a significant problem.”

Authentium’s Command Antivirus and Authentium ESP products provide both real-time scanning and on-demand protection against Netsky and its variants, such as Authentium’s free online virus scanning service, featuring guaranteed latest updates, can be found at

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Based in West Palm Beach, Florida, Authentium develops core antivirus, system defense, and data interception and analysis technologies, and is one of the fastest-growing privately-held companies in the security software industry. Authentium provides services to more than 2,200 enterprise, government agency, and education customers worldwide, and more than eight million ISP subscribers, including Comcast and Cox Communications, two of the three leading high speed data providers in the United States. More information on Authentium is available at

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