Beating Winter Sinus & Head Colds With The Power Of Hot Peppers

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For most of us, winter spells real trouble for vulnerable nasal passages and sinuses thanks to numerous bacterial & viral infections that frequent the world just in time for the holiday season, but this year may prove to be a much healthier one thanks to an all natural nasal spray made with real pepper extract. Known as the Â?Sinus Buster,Â? this organic herbal formula is proving to be a serious sinus and headache breakthrough.

More than 37 million Americans suffer with at least one bout of sinusitis every year. It’s a huge problem for physicians since these infections can be so tough to beat, and many patients become chronic yearly winter sufferers. Chronic sinusitis sufferers may have acute symptoms for 12 weeks or more including; facial pain & pressure, facial swelling, nasal obstruction, thick nasal discharge, discolored post-nasal drainage, and a low grade fever. Some people may also experience persistent headaches, chronic bad breath, and fatigue.

Although sinus infections can attack year round, the winter months appear to be more hazardous for vulnerable sinus sufferers since people spend more time indoors with sealed windows, dry heat, and no proper ventilation. Preventing winter sinus infections consists of following the same basic hygiene precautions used to keep from catching a cold – (Good hand washing practices and staying clear of people who are knowingly sick). Of course there are a few other things you can do to help prevent reoccurring sinus infections such as avoiding cigarette smoke, dry winter heat, and frequently blowing your nose to get rid of nasal discharge and bacteria.

Chronic sinusitis can also be caused by allergens, polyps, and other underlying factors that tend to promote a friendly environment for the growth of bacteria. For this reason, many doctors recommend a vaporizer or steam from a pan of boiled water (removed from the heat of course) to provide a moist breathing environment to help keep nasal passages clear – especially while sleeping. Humidifiers can also work, but they often spread bacteria and fungal spores into the air when the filter is allowed to get dirty, and the filters tend to get dirty very quickly. Warm compresses are another useful way to relieve the pain and congestion associated with sick sinus symptoms, and saline nose drops can also be helpful for moisturizing the nasal passages.

As far as medicines go, some prescription products such as nasal steroids can be effective, but they can also cause many side effects such as nosebleeds, rebound congestion, and liver damage. Most “Over the Counter” (OTC) nasal sprays use dangerous chemicals that can cause physical addiction and unpleasant side effects, and many of them just aren’t effective for chronic sinus conditions. For bacterial sinus infections, antibiotics can definitely be helpful for fighting off the infection, but bacteria can also hide deep within the sinus cavities and in the Olfactory nerve region leading to a new outbreak once the antibiotic treatment has been completed, thus leading to recurring bouts of Sinusitis.

Granted there are many traditional and non-traditional sinus remedies out there, but until now none of these remedies has ever presented a sinus care breakthrough on the level of nature’s own hot peppers. No, it’s not about stuffing hot peppers up your nose, and it has nothing to do with pepper juice or salsa. The secret is “Capsaicin,” a natural chemical found in various hot pepper extracts. Think of Capsaicin as the ingredient that puts the “Hot” in hot peppers. Capsaicin is being widely accepted as a safe “all natural miracle” of sorts thanks to the way it effects pain receptors, and other processes within the human body. Capsaicin has been clinically proven to relieve chronic headaches, inflammatory symptoms, skin diseases, and a multitude of chronic sinus conditions.

Until a year ago, most medical studies of Capsaicin were conducted with the synthesized chemical itself – Not in its’ natural state. These studies proved the medicinal potential of Capsaicin, but the delivery method was just too harsh since the Capsaicin was isolated into its’ purest form separated from the natural pepper extract it once came from. For that reason, scientists who were confident about the medical success of Capsaicin, were also stumped from finding ways to use it beyond arthritic pain relief.

Enter SiCap Industries, LLC, a maverick natural health & beauty care company experiencing fast success thanks to their launch of perhaps the most innovative hot pepper product ever invented. After all, the company’s initials stand for “The Science of Capsaicin,” and where else would you expect to find the latest breakthroughs in Capsaicin biotechnology? At least that’s how the management team at SiCap Industries explains their company’s success.

“We created our own niche in the sinus and headache relief market by introducing the world’s first hot pepper nasal spray. We capitalized on what the big medicine makers missed by using capsaicin in its’ natural state instead of trying to synthesize and isolate the substance. By doing this, we were able to develop a totally natural nasal spray that could be safely and comfortably used by any sinus or headache sufferer. A couple squirts if sinus buster and it instantly stops most headaches and it can blast away a sinus infection in 3 to 5 days,” says Wayne Perry, founder of SiCap Industries.

Perry goes on to explain that the Sinus Buster formula appears simple, but is actually very complex, and Capsaicin isn’t the only truly active ingredient in the formula. The Sinus Buster formula uses an intricate blend of Organic Rosemary extract, Eucalyptus Oil, Water Soluble Vitamin C, Aloe Vera Gel, and Purified Caribbean Sea Salt mixed in a naturally purified water base. The result is incredible leaving the nasal cavities and sinuses feeling rejuvenated with just one spray. Sinus Buster instantly relieves the congestion, pressure, and pain associated with chronic sinus and headache conditions, and it does it naturally.

“It took two years to find the right two pepper extracts that could be mixed to make this formula what it is. Though each capsicum pepper plant variety has capsaicin, different varieties also have there own distinct derivatives of capsaicin including other natural substances associated with the body’s pain receptors and heat sensitivities. We’ve cracked the code when it comes to using capsaicin to beat headaches and sinus problems, and we’re constantly pursuing new ideas for delivering the medicinal qualities of hot pepper extracts, ” adds Perry.

Perry says the active ingredients in Sinus Buster each have powerful anti-microbial properties that work together with the capsaicin to flush out pockets of nasal discharge where many bacteria could be hiding. Sinus Buster also reduces pain and swelling throughout the sinuses and along the “Trigeminal” nerve network which controls much of the headache pain and overall swelling that can lead to chronic sinusitis. Best of all, Perry says the Sinus Buster formula is all natural and safe to use “as needed” on a daily basis.

Of course there’s still that “Bite” Perry refers to. It’s something of a shock for the first time user, but it quickly becomes your favorite part of the treatment according to many Sinus Buster diehards. Steve Fellows of Albany, New York says he uses a blast of Sinus Buster to wake up in the morning, and he also believes that’s why he never gets sinus infections.

“When you take a shot of buster it immediately releases natural endorphins. It wakes me up better than a cup of coffee and clears my nose out so I’m breathing easy all day. And since I’ve been using it – just a couple squirts every morning, I haven’t been sick once, and my breathing has never been better. It’s great stuff,” says Fellows.

So aside from the basic traditional remedies that seem to never completely work, perhaps the best prevention against winter sinus attacks could be a daily dose of hot peppers up your nose – though I would suggest trying the Sinus Buster first to keep those nasty winter bacteria in check.

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