"Votergate" Special Edition Documentary for the Presidential Election Being Webcast Continuously Beginning October 26, 2004

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The producers of the film Votergate have created a 30 minute Special Edition of their film as a free educational public service Â? in time for the Presidential election. Votergate will appear continuously online beginning October 26, 2004 in FREE webcasts at http://www.votergate.TV

Three exciting young filmmakers, Simon Ardizzone, Russell Michaels and Robert Carrillo Cohen, have produced “VOTERGATE” the timely critical feature film that uncovers the truth about new electronic voting systems which allow a few powerful corporations to count our votes in secret. Every American who cares about democracy should see this film before the election! These filmmakers created a 30-minute “Special Edition” of their film as a free public service to get this information out to the public – in time for the Presidential election.

The Votergate SPECIAL EDITION is available FREE online continuously beginning October 26, 2004 at (http://www.votergate.TV) courtesy of The Internet Archive, which is providing unlimited bandwidth and hits for the public to see this important documentary.


Critics of these e-voting systems protest that the machines are not transparent to the voters and provide no paper ballot/receipt or any way to do a meaningful recount. But Votergate is not just a warning, the film strongly concludes that elections are harder to defraud when voters turn out in big numbers. Just as public interest and news about these election issues are exploding, the Votergate Special Edition is the must-see film that educates citizens about how to keenly observe, question and protect the process on Election Day!

The Special Edition

”Votergate – The Special Edition” is designed to be a concise, informative presentation educating voters on both sides of the aisle on how they can effectively become proactive in the upcoming election and beyond. This special release includes:

George Wendt, the actor famous for his role as the good friend “Norm” on the hit comedy Cheers, narrates “The Special Edition.” Featured: Bev Harris, the Executive Director of Black Box Voting (http://www.BlackBoxVoting.org), the Seattle grandmother who uncovered the secret software that counts American votes. According to Vanity Fair magazine, her investigations are breaking news, “that would have made her career at The New York Times or Washington Post.” Andy Stephenson, Associate Director of Black Box Voting is uncovering nationwide evidence of security risks in America's voting system.

The film interviews computer experts such as Dr. Avi Rubin, Technical Director, Johns Hopkins Information Security Institute (http://www.avirubin.com ) and Dr. David Dill, Professor of Computer Science, Stanford University and the founder of (http://www.verifiedvoting.org).

Also featured: Congressman Robert Wexler (http://www.wexler.house.gov/) of Florida’s 19th District, who is leading the effort to comprehensively reform our electoral system following the 2000 election controversy in Florida. He also has an active lawsuit to require paper ballots in all Florida counties. Congresswoman Corrine Brown (http://www.house.gov/corrinebrown/) of Florida’s 3rd District, who formally invited the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (ESCE), and the Organization of American States (OAS) to participate in the upcoming United States presidential elections as monitors.

Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Independent or Green, the non-partisan information in Votergate The Special Edition is crucial for anyone who believes that Democracy means that every vote should count.

There are, of course, those opposed to the message in Votergate. There is even one organization that is using our name and misappropriated footage from our film. We believe you should get all the information you can, but please be sure, when referencing our film that you use the correct web address: (http://www.votergate.TV)

Votergate is continuing to shoot through the Presidential election and is receiving contributions to fund the completion of the 90 minute Post-Election DVD/Feature Film. Ardizzone, Michaels and Cohen are producing Votergate in association with Teale Productions and Public Interest Pictures.

Teale Productions (http://www.tealeproductions.com ) was formed in 1988 and has since built a reputation as a cutting edge investigative documentary production and entertainment producing company. Teale has produced award winning original documentaries and television series for HBO, AMC, PBS, Channel 4 (UK), and the BBC. Teale Productions is in constant development with high quality documentaries and original productions.

Public Interest Pictures (PIP) (http://www.publicinterestpictures.org) is a non-profit organization committed to creating documentaries that will not only be seen by the masses but will also move them. PIP explores progressive issues currently threatened by governmental policies at odds with the public interest. Recent films include “Outfoxed”, “Unprecedented”, “Uncovered”, and most recently, “Unconstitutional”.

For more information about Votergate, visit the website http://www.votergate.TV or contact Abbe Waldman Delozier at 512-736-5802.

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