Swedish Model Banks on George Bush Voters for Implants

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Gorgeous Linda Peacegrove, a Swedish model from Helsingborg, is now targeting George Bush voters as possible donators to her website, http://www.getmeboobies.com. She believes that, Â?If you buy his Â?falsiesÂ?, then youÂ?ll definitely help me get mine.Â?

As the Presidential race kicks into full overdrive, policies start to take second stage to personalities. But while many Americans culminate decisions and scramble to ascertain issues that will affect them both as individuals and a nation, Swedish model Linda Peacegrove sees a rare opportunity.

“I have the slogan on my site as a joke really after watching footage on CNN. Politicians (such as President George Bush) are fairly adept at throwing in a few ‘falsies’ during the campaign trail that never quite make it to fruition. It’s the same everywhere. I thought, ‘well, if voters buy his ‘falsies’ then perhaps his supporters may give me a hand getting mine,” laughed the getmeboobies.com girl. “After all, they do say that America is the land of opportunity.”

The 30-year-old single mother has become something of a minor celebrity in her homeland since starting the site to replace the mammary tissue she lost following a long bout with illness.

Ms Peacegrove’s story has appeared in magazines, newspapers, on-line, on radio as well as national television. When questioned how well it had gone to date she replied: “About as well as I expected. The site’s not an original idea but it does have a pretty fun prize for donators. I’ve raised US$823. I knew the Swedish people would be reluctant to use their credit cards via the Internet. But...hey, I’ve met some really nice people and have had a huge amount of support. The supporters have definitely outweighed the sceptics and nay sayers. I’m sitting at about 80% in terms of popularity - I bet Mr Bush would like those sorts of numbers.”

The Swedish bombshell lost breast tissue following massive weight loss attributed to hyperthyroidism and having her thyroid gland removed by a "lacklustre" Swedish health care system. In what has been described as an "unbelievable mistake" by a health professional, the state hospital removed the healthy section of the gland as well as the sick part. Ms Peacegrove could have the augmentation operation paid for by the state. However, disillusioned with the public healthcare system and intent on not using taxpayer money, she started the site so only those that actually wanted to help her can.

The getmeboobies.com site offers an added incentive to donate. One lucky donator will win a tasteful four-hour photo shoot with Ms Peacegrove and a professional photographer, wherever they be in the world. Of course, bragging rights are included.

“I’m not sure if President Bush would be approving of my campaign trail...perhaps he could give me a few pointers. I know, his people can call my people,” Ms Peacegrove smiled.

Linda began part-time modelling as a means to improve self-esteem following the illness.

“I’m not doing this to promote my modelling career. I’m doing this because I need to do it for me. I took up modelling after the illness to try and build up how I felt about myself. Three years on, I now know that I need breast implants so I can feel like a complete woman again. I’ve (hopefully) only got one more modelling shoot left - with the winner.”

Perhaps the incumbent is thankful that this young lady does not appear on this year’s Presidential Candidate list. After all, she’s got a head start: she knows how to keep her cards close to her chest.

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