Is There Any Safe Way to Make Money on the Internet?

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A webmaster tells it like it is and shares some web-money secrets.

A Google search of "make money online" will return over 10 million results of varying quality, many promising mind-blowing instant riches. I can't speak for most of these, but I can give you some inside info about one type of program.A few of these websites provide advertising with a twist that can be very profitable.

I refer to "paid to surf" websites that share their profits with members. I have been a keen user and observer of such websites for some time. Some people DO make money from them. And I don't just mean the webmasters!

The vast majority of users of these sites just don't "get it". They merrily plunge in expecting to emerge with millions. They give no thought to how that might happen. The way the sites work is not rocket science and getting a profit from them is risky, but easy enough - if you do it right.

The first trick is to get in early. Because big payouts need strong growth (and what business doesn't need growth?), the earlier you join, the better. It is easy to get 100% monthly growth and more when a site is starting from a base of zero.

The next trick is to get your original stake back and keep it. Then play with some or even all of your profit - but for a limited time.Another trick is to spread your risk. Don't put all of your eggs in one basket.

The final trick is to remember that nothing is forever. If a site shows signs of stalling, ease back for a while. You will find large differences in the rewards offered. They are usually based on a daily percentage of the amount of money you have in your account. The good news is that most sites will give you a free stake to start you off. You can take the profit from that with no outlay and no risk at all.

Some sites offer up to 5% per day or more, for a limited time period. The typical site offers 1% daily for a year. That means that they end up paying back 3.65 times your stake. It takes over 3 months to recover your original outlay (100 days at 1% a day).

The newest paid-to-surf site,, pays 4% daily. If you think that is high, the payment life-cycle is 50 days and not 365 days. 50 days at 4% = 200% of your original stake. Doubling your stake is great money and your stake is secured in less than a month.

The shorter cycle time means everyone is rewarded sooner and growth is encouraged. And you can cycle several times within a year. Some webmasters go to extraordinary lengths and work incredibly long hours (ask me!) to provide these money making opportunities for you. Of course, they make a profit too and fair enough, they earn it.

A few will try to scam you and run with your money, but many are sincere and try very hard to do the right thing. Eventually, the best of sites can unwind and there will be tears all round. But when that happens, the smart users will already be grateful for the very profitable ride!

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