Republicans in England May See This Election Clearly

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Moderate Republican in England urges US Republican to examine Bush record and vote Kerry/Edwards

Many Republicans living in the UK think that their geographic distance and access to unbiased news offer a perspective that may be lost among Republicans in the US.

These Republicans’ concerns can be summarized in three points: First, they see first hand how George W. Bush is regarded outside of the US. They do not think he can resolve international issues and crises that impact Americans. Democracies throughout the world will face stiff opposition from the voting public if their leaders are seen to work with George W. Bush. Second, that Bush’s domestic economic plans are unsound. Third they feel that Bush has betrayed some very basic principles of the GOP.

Having followed the presidential debates and campaign on television, Javier Romero – a management consultant and Republican residing in the UK – is now planning to vote with confidence for John Kerry. “I saw Kerry’s poise, eloquence and integrity shine through those debates. The U.S., as the world’s greatest economic and military power, needs more than anything a president with presence to lead the nation -- not only on the domestic front, but also to represent the nation in a confident, responsible way, and to be able to resolve crises instead of creating more.”

Regarding the economy, London-based magazine, The Economist, in its October 9th issue pointed out that “more than 70% of the 56 professors who responded to (a survey they conducted of academic economists) rate Mr. Bush’s first-term economic policies as bad or very bad” whereas Kerry’s economic plan was regarded much more favorably. Even allowing for partisanship (which was not recorded), the comparison is remarkable. Of particular concern to the experts were Bush’s tax cuts, a lack of discipline regarding the budget deficit and management of rising health costs. As for betrayal, the UK Republicans explain: “Our ideals for the party and America are simple: A free market economy, Freedom for all people, Small and fiscally responsible government, and Separation of church and state.”

“How can a president whose first-term record includes farm subsidies, prisoner detentions infringing on human rights, massive deficits and time wasted on meddling with states’ rights be in accord with these principles? Certainly, we may not agree with everything Kerry espouses...but at least we know he stands up for what he believes in and appears to be true to himself and his principles.”

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