A Guidebook For "Desperate Housewives?" Rebecca St. James Thinks "SHE" Has One.

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Controversial multi-million selling Grammy Award winning singer REBECCA ST. JAMES releases her new book "SHE" on November 1st. Australian born singer, now living in the U.S. gained widespread mainstream media attention this years for her outspoken 'faith and family views' on Britney Spears, and issues of sexual purity. At 27, with fashion model good looks, she is an admitted virgin, who challenges young people from her concert stages all over the world to "Just Say No!" to sex before marriage. She will begin a U.S. tour November 4th--and do major New York media.

Multi-million selling Grammy Award winning singer--now turned author--REBECCA ST. JAMES--launches her new book, "SHE," November 1st with hopes of providing positive, real life answers for women of her generation and beyond. The fact that the book premieres just as ABC-TV's newest hit series "Desperate Housewives" is breaking all Nielson records for new programming-- with current estimates of more than 20 million weekly viewers over it's four week run--most of them women between the ages of 18-49--is a bit of irony not lost to the 27 year old Austalian born St. James.

As mirrored in the pages of her new book, television's latest hit series may sadly be a 'reality series' in the truest sense of the words.

With network promotion heralding that the newest TV craze to sweep America..."deals with life beyond the facade of the American dream"...St. James' new book 'SHE' paints the stark portrait that for far too many women of her generation and beyond 'life beyond the facade' may well be less and less a dream and more increasingly a nightmare.

"Today's media bombards women with messages that say they must be beautiful, thin, sexy, successful, strong, outgoing, and independent," notes the Sydney native who possesses her own fashion model good looks, and who now makes her home in America. From the fashionability of sexual promiscuity and the record number of STD's worldwide that have resulted, to the increase of deaths from eating disorders that have taken on alarming proportions, as reported just this weekend by a one hour Fox News Channel special "Eating Disorders: The Deadly Secret." St. James believes that too many women are literally 'dying for love and acceptance' by harkening to ever heightening expectations painted by media and social pressures.

"There's an unrealistic demand our culture puts on women to be beautiful at all cost--to be superwomen at every level. It can too often lead to harmful and even tragic results," commented St. James in a recent interview.

As witnessed by Rebecca St. James' mainstream media attention over the past few months in such high profile quarters as Hannity & Colmes, Foxs News Magazine, MSNBC's Scarborough Country, CNN, Sean Hannity Radio, and Reuters(the latter wire service feature quoting her as saying she "felt sorry for the image Britney Spears is portraying for young fans" was picked up worldwide), St. James' outspoken stance on faith based and family value issues is having an ever increasing major impact. Her last book, "Wait For Me," reached #1 on the CBA bestseller charts. She's long been an outspoken proponent of sexual abstinence until marriage--challenging young people from her concerts platforms all over the world to accept the challenge of waiting. She is open and communicative about the fact that she herself will remain a virgin until marriage.

Passionate and articulate, St. James has a knack for getting people talking--and listening--whether they agree with her or not.

'SHE' is an acronym for 'Safe, Healthy, Empowered--'three attributes she feels every 21st century member of the sisterhood should possess. The book covers nine distinct areas of wholeness in the realms of the emotional, physical, and spiritual.

St. James feels that the feminism movement, begun in the '60's is due for a total make-up and face-lift of its' own. She pulls no punches in relating for readers her own experiences with feminism's negative effects--from the dark underpinnings of super self-expectations to the lure of an eating disorder in her own life.

Inspiration for 'SHE' was, in fact, born out on an admitted 'dark period' in the personal life of the internationally known rocker.

"I went through a very 'alone period' in which I bought into the feminist 'I can't rely on anyone, I've got to be an independent woman and face the world alone' mindset. It was at the end of a 13 month period of touring and career pressures when I was on the verge of a complete burn-out--an inner shut down from pressures and unrealistic expectations I placed on myself."

Alarmed and armed with the depth of that experience, and determined to write a book, a friend suggested she read The Bitch In The House as beginning resource material. A subsequent year of writing and research with her co-author, former magazine editor,Lynda Hunter Bjorklund, brought St. James to address a 'new feminism' outlook in 'SHE'--one based on a return to biblical principals--in reponse to the obvious challenges women face in nine important areas of life--including the areas of sex, intimacy, boundaries, emotional healing, and finding purpose in life.

Returning from Europe to begin a major U.S. concert tour and major media on the book in November, Rebecca St.James thinks her's is a book that can make a difference. In place of 'desperation' she hopes 'SHE' can shed a large dose of hope and encouragement into the lives a lot of formally desperate women.

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