Kidney Cancer Association Endorses Patient's Bill of Rights

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Kidney Cancer Association CEO Bill Bro endorsed the Patient's Bill of Rights announced today by the Illinois Pharmacist's Association.

"Kidney cancer is a life-threatening disease that primarily affects older adults who also suffer from many infirmities that come with the aging process," Bro said. "These people have an absolute right to receive prescription drugs that are not tainted," he added.

"Why is Governor Rod Blagojevich placing the lives of Illinois Seniors in jeopardy with a risky drug importation scheme that is forbidden by the United States Food & Drug Administration? Are these older Americans less important than some ill-defined political objective? We demand answers," Bro emphasized.

The Illinois Pharmacy Patient’s Bill of Rights:

Patients seeking to have prescription drug orders filled in the State of Illinois have rights they should assert every time they go to a licensed Illinois pharmacy:

1.    Right to FDA Approved Drugs

All patients are to be provided only certified FDA-approved medications that have been subject to the production, distribution, efficacy and safety standards established and enforced by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Any other product standard, or entity representing that it has approved a product as fit for consumption is unacceptable and should be avoided by Illinois citizens.

2.    Right to State Government That Stands Behind What It Recommends to Citizens

Patients have the right to state government that is responsible to its citizens and does not jeopardize the health of patients. State government that will not take responsibility for medical recommendations and endorsing sources for obtaining prescription drugs is potentially engaging in public negligence and consumer fraud. Pharmacy programs recommended by state governments acting in this manner should be avoided by Illinois citizens.

3.    Right to Law Abiding Pharmacies

Patients have a right to professional pharmacies that are operating within the laws of the United State Food and Drug Administration and the State of Illinois. Pharmacies that break the laws of the land should be avoided by Illinois citizens.

4.    Right to Pharmacists Who Stand Behind What They Dispense

Patients have the right to depend on the responsible practice of pharmacy from their professional Illinois pharmacist. Every licensed Illinois pharmacist stands behinds the prescription drugs that are dispensed. Any pharmacist who seeks a waiver of liability for dispensed prescription, or is not willing to stand behind the drugs being dispensed is not a professional and should be avoided by Illinois patients.

5.    Right to Honest Advertising From Pharmacies

Patients have a right to honest advertising from Illinois pharmacists. When a pharmacy claims to be “Safe and Affordable” it is not ethical for the same Illinois pharmacist to state that the pharmacy “cannot guarantee the safety of any particular prescription drug purchase” due to where the product was obtained for sale, for example in Canada, Ireland, or the UK. Citizens of Illinois should avoid pharmacies that are not honest in their advertising and refuse to stand behind the source of the drugs they are dispensing.

6.    Right to Receive What Your Doctor Ordered

Patients have a right to be confident in the professional relationship between their prescribing doctor and their licensed pharmacist. Any pharmacy that does not honor that professional relationship, and seeks to independently alter, amend, or otherwise disregard the directions of the prescribing doctor should be avoided by Illinois citizens.

7.    Right to Receive the Prescription Drug You Pay For

Patients have the right to receive the prescribed prescription drug products that they pay for. Pharmacies that indicate that they will not warranty the authenticity of products, or refuse to return a consumer’s money if the patients deems the product unfit or counterfeit, should be avoided by Illinois citizens.

8.    Right To Know About the Most Cost Effective Approach To Obtain Prescription Drugs

Patients have the right to request information on the most cost effective approach to obtain drug product that has been prescribed by a doctor. Illinois pharmacists that do not provide information of the various state, federal, or manufacturer discount programs that can provide low cost prescription medications to patients should be avoided by Illinois citizens.

9.    Right To Discuss Drug Interactions With A Pharmacist

Patients have the right to consult with their licensed Illinois pharmacist to ensure the medications they have been prescribed do not negatively interact with one another and potentially harm the patient. Any pharmacy operating in the State of Illinois that is unable, or refuses to provide this service should be avoided by Illinois patients.

10.    Right To Know The Source Of A Drug

Patients have the right to know where their products came from. Any licensed Illinois pharmacist that cannot vouch for the source of the products that are being sold to patients, should be avoided by the citizens of Illinois.

The Kidney Cancer Association is an Illinois-based nonprofit organization that represents more than 60-thousand constituents in the U.S. and 90 other countries.

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