No Matter Who Wins the Election, the Best After-Election Strategy is to “Sell More.”

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The upcoming election is distracting both consumers and producers of goods and services. But when the election is over, no matter who wins, the business owners who succeed will be those who make it easiest for their customers to buy. In her new book, "Rivers of Revenue: What to do when the money stops flowing," Kristin Zhivago explains how customers buy and how company owners and managers can support and streamline the buying process.

“Consumers and producers of products and services are distracted by the election right now,” says Kristin Zhivago, author of the new book, Rivers of Revenue: What to do when the money stops flowing. “As soon as the election is decided, however, everyone will go back to work--and back to buying. The business owners and managers who will be most successful--regardless of who they supported in the election--will be those who make it easiest for their customers to buy.”

Zhivago has spent the last 35 years helping business owners increase their revenues. She has become an expert on customer buying processes. As she has interviewed thousands of customers for her clients, she has found that those selling a product have a completely different perspective than those buying the product.

“First I meet with clients and hear their side of the story,” Zhivago says. “Then I interview their customers--and hear: ‘I wish they’d do this…’ and ‘Why on earth do they do that?’ Clients are always surprised to hear what their customers think is important and what they really want. They are also surprised at how much customers know about their strengths and weaknesses—especially their weaknesses.”

Zhivago contends that “the problem starts when a seller develops a product--and his selling process--without first finding out what customers actually need and how they want to be sold to. The resulting product misses the mark and the selling process actually places barriers in front of buyers who are trying to decide if the seller has a good solution.”

She urges those who sell to think like buyers. “Last time you bought a car, was it fun? When you try to compare cellular phone plans, is it easy? When you call a company to get an answer to a simple question, does a human being answer the phone and help you, or do you get lost in voicemail hell? As buyers, we’ve all been ignored, inconvenienced, and irritated.

“On the Web, where so many people search for solutions now, the competition is only a click away,” Zhivago continues. “If a competitor makes it easy for the customer to understand what is being sold, and successfully answers the customer’s questions and addresses her concerns, that competitor is going to get that customer’s business."

Zhivago wrote Rivers of Revenue to demystify marketing and give business owners and managers a clear roadmap that will lead them to higher sales. The book shows business owners and managers how to find out what buyers are looking for, how they look for it, the tradeoffs they’re willing to make, the other approvers involved, the questions they’ll ask during their buying process, and what they need to see or understand in order to make a buying decision.

Readers selling products and services will learn how to reverse engineer a sale so they can “manufacture” sales in quantity. Jeffrey Tarter, editor of SoftLetter, says that Rivers of Revenue is “likely to rank as this year’s most important marketing guide.”

The author is a professional revenue coach. She founded her consulting firm, Zhivago Marketing Partners, Inc., in 1979 in Silicon Valley and relocated to Rhode Island in 1996. She is editor of the Revenue Journal and hundreds of her articles have been published in numerous business and marketing publications. She speaks worldwide on successful and ethical revenue generation.

"Rivers of Revenue: What to do when the money stops flowing" is published by Smokin’ Donut Books and is currently available at and it enjoys a five-star average reader review rating.

The hardcover book retails for $24.95 and is 336 pages.

For more information or to schedule an interview with the author, contact Christine Reider, publicist for Smokin’ Donut Books, toll-free at 877-474-8738 or

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