A Historic Moment for Humanity - From the Homeless to an 11th Hour Presidential Candidate Running for the White House in 2004 to Right the Wrongs of America!

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Imperial Feng Shui Master Kwai Lan Chan has a Feng Shui technique making a quantum leap for her clients, from a homeless lady in California to a Kennedy running for the White House in the 2004 presidential election.

Imperial Feng Shui Master Kwai Lan Chan has a Feng Shui technique making a quantum leap for her clients, from a homeless lady in California to a Kennedy running for the White House in the 2004 presidential election.

Master Kwai Lan took the challenge to do a Feng Shui audit on John Joseph Kennedy's Presidential election campaign headquarters. Master Kwai Lan has a high success rate with her Feng Shui work, which has shown signs of significant improvement on the election campaign after the Feng Shui instructions were applied. According to John Joseph Kennedy, money seemed to come to him from all over the place also. Over one million people have accessed the website at http://www.johnjosephkennedy.com in a very short period of time, which caused a power surge to the DSL provider. It seems that God has laid the path for John Joseph Kennedy to walk his journey towards victory.

The energy of Period 8 has started since 1996. Period 8 energy is very potent which would bring prosperity if it is managed properly. The energy lies in the dimension of Ghost gate. There is evil side of the energy which causes a number of natural disasters. However, Period 8 energy brings awareness to your conscious mind. People begin to search for enlightenment in life which is the only way to bring the light into your well being to conquer the evil side of life. Period 8 energy favors young men. It means that the youngest presidential candidate would be in power. John Joseph Kennedy is the youngest among Bush and Kerry.

Mr. Kennedy has a face of a King with power and authority. His jaw line reflects this. As it happens he carries the DNA of his great-great grandparents John D'Arcy Kennedy (Ancient French House of D’Arcy-of direct royal descent of King Charlemagne, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire) and Caroline Marguerite de Rodriques Kennedy.

Because of the energy of his DNA, the way he carries the stance of royal charisma and with his sincerity and honesty, John Joseph Kennedy has the chance to win the Presidential election. All he needs is 22% of the vote of the 60% or 70% of the people who are indecisive, waiting for the right leader to appear on the scene. This is a historic miracle in the making. When John Joseph Kennedy wins, he would like Master Kwai Lan to do the Feng Shui audit on the White House, to make sure the right energy is in place for a new beginning in history for John Joseph Kennedy to serve the people in America and the world.

John Joseph Kennedy is a leader with deep spiritual beliefs and a man with integrity and a vision. His vision was expressed in his children’s book called, ‘Whale Magic’, which he created in the 90s. Although the book was written many years ago, “Whale Magic” has reflected what the world is all about in the current situation.

Master Kwai Lan’s mission in helping the children indirectly is to help the divorced mothers and fathers to be free from the poverty trap. She is keen in saving the environment and the ocean that provides the food chains. When John Joseph Kennedy came to San Diego, California on September 11th and gave a speech and prayer for the 911 victims, Master Kwai Lan was delighted to find a politician like John Joseph Kennedy that would carry out her mission on a grander scale.

Imperial Feng Shui Master Kwai Lan Chan has a unique Feng Shui technique which gives rapid results. This technique was once used by the emperors only. Her own brand of Feng Shui "Imperial Feng Shui" is different from other major schools of Feng Shui most commonly taught. Master Kwai Lan Chan's Feng Shui comes from her grandfather's teachings and ancient documents handed down from generations within her family in China. Her techniques have not been written in books in the current market due to the complexity of the formulae.

Feng Shui is not a religion. It is based on philosophy, science and metaphysics. It works within the subconscious mind with the energy of the environment. The vibration of the energy, which creates frequency from the flow of the energy in our living space with the nature of the environment, influences our well being.

Pronounced “fung shway”, feng means wind and shui means water. Wind and water are the vehicles that deliver chi, or life force, to different parts of the universe. Both are important elements in our lives that can transform us to have a quantum leap in our life’s direction. The ancient Chinese principle of Feng Shui is about making use of the energy of the environment with the forces of wind and water to help us enhance the quality of our lives.

Master Kwai Lan travels all over the world. She was commissioned by the UK government to help design the traffic flow system to improve a town center in accordance with the principles of Feng Shui. She has also been involved in beautifying the neighborhood with Feng Shui in Compton, Long Beach and North Highland in Hollywood, California. Master Kwai Lan has many other success stories where she has applied this ancient Chinese philosophy, the art of Feng Shui. She has helped a young man become a movie star in just 6 months using the techniques of Feng Shui. He was in the movie "Save The Last Dance" and "Dahmer". He won an Independent Spirit Award for his role in Dahmer.

Master Kwai Lan has rescued many businesses and companies from going bankrupt since 911. Many struggling companies have been turned around and have seen increases in turnover of up to 40% in just 3 weeks! She helped a homeless lady with Feng Shui and provided her with business knowledge. This woman has now become a jet setting entrepreneur traveling all over the world. Master Kwai Lan has helped a lawyer to get rid of the cancer in her brain tumor. A lady that lives in Master Kwai Lan’s feng shuied house has won two Stevie Awards as “The Best Young Entrepreneur“ and “The Best New Company“.

Master Kwai Lan is a Feng Shui consultant, a motivation speaker, a teacher, a certified action coach, a business developer, a real estate investor and a best selling author. She has co-authored a book “Passion” with Mark Victor Henson (best selling author of the Chicken Soup For The Soul series), Deepak Chopra (best selling author of The Path Of Love) and Doctor Wayne Dyer (best selling author of The Power Of Intention). She has made many appearances on radio and television. Master Kwai Lan travels all over the world. She has clients and students from every corner of the world. Master Kwai Lan provides interesting and unique training package on how to develop the prosperity chi in your living space and bring your business to the next level. If you are interested in signing for the seminars, consultations or booking for her appearance for the public speaking, on the radio or TV shows, please contact her at the following:

Phone : 818 980 3388

Cell : 818 640 6811 cell

Email : lana168@earthlink.net


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