Department Of Justice Continues Coverup of Destruction of Homeland Security Technology-Kaiser Rep Calls for Congressional Investigation

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Congressional investigation demanded in 911 case. Similarity to Hatfill and Berry cases prominent. DOJ using baseless prosecution to cover-up its misconduct. DOJ destroys homeland security technology, then covers it up by prosecution.

A spokesperson for Stewart Kaiser called today for a congressional investigation of the role of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the United States Postal Inspectors in destroying RTEC Technologies, Inc. and in the subsequent cover-up of that destruction. In what the spokesperson, Roger Fidler, called “aiding and abetting terrorists" by destroying valuable technology designed to protect the public from chemical and biological attacks, he asserted that The Department of Justice continues its illegal cover up of their destruction of the homeland defense technology by the FBI by continuing a baseless prosecution of Mr. Kaiser and his wife. The case is pending in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey in Newark, New Jersey, captioned as USA vs. Stewart Kaiser and Nancy Vitolo, Docket No. 04-434.

Mr. Fidler stated: “It is evident that the FBI has no intention to take remedial action in this matter, or other matters, such as those mentioned in the Report of the 911 Commission. They continue to fabricate falsehood after falsehood. Responding to President Bush’s plea after 9-11 for Americans with technical knowledge to come forward to assist in the war against terror, RTEC technologies did so. Instead of appreciation, or at least a fair hearing, the Newark Office of the FBI executed a search and seizure warrant and destroyed the technology.” Fidler continued “While the situations of Dr. Hatfill and Dr. Berry have received some attention, this much more egregious persecution has gone largely unnoticed by the media.

During the subsequent investigation and ultimate arrest of the Kaisers, the FBI used every technique possible to destroy Mr. Kaiser’s business and reputation in the community, from issuing false press statements that stated, among others, that C-Band never existed, to “visiting” his banks and suppliers for his local air conditioning business. These tactics periodically destroyed his business, which Mr. Kaiser rebuilt to some lesser extent every time. These tactics were designed not to investigate but to intimidate and deprive Mr. Kaiser of funds with which to defend himself and in essence to pressure him to capitulate through starvation. The intent in this direction is clear because almost none of the persons to whom Mr. Kaiser directed the FBI were interviewed by the FBI, including Joe Terleski (except for the conversation during the raid), Nancy Connolly, Environics, IT and Ray Burke. They ignored all exculpatory evidence. AUSA Jacobson threatened to kill his wife by shackling this frail, epileptic woman if he did not take a proffered plea deal that required him to admit “profiting by the blood of the victims of 9-11.” The reason for this behavior is simple. From the earliest phases of the investigation the government knew the technology was viable. Instead of assisting, they wanted access to the offices because of the intense pressure to show that they were doing something about anthrax, something about 911. In the process they destroyed RTEC, damaged the Kaisers and destroyed homeland defense technology, giving aid and comfort to those who would attack America. The only remaining question is: How high in the DOJ did this knowledge go? According to one AUSA, this case was well known in Washington at the DOJ. What the people need to know is: Well known by whom? Who is responsible for this cover-up?

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