Undecideds Decide for Kerry

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Choosing fact over rhetoric, undecided voters and former Bush supporters decide to support Kerry-Edwards

Lisa Valadez Ghai, a Catholic, and Republican since she was 18, voted with her mother today for John Kerry. Ghai has always been a strong supporter of John Kerry but until recently her mother, Susan Valadez was not. Susan had voted for Bush in 2000 because of his pro-life stance and the endorsement of her local clergy. A registered independent, during the last three years Susan became disillusioned with Bush’s policies, but continued to support him because his campaign rhetoric led her to believe that Kerry was pro-abortion. Mother and daughter had many discussions about the meaning of 'pro-life'. “It is not 'pro-life' to send over a thousand brave troops to their deaths in war, when it did not meet the Catholic standard for a just war," Ghai argued. "It's not 'pro-life' to halt the advancement of medical science in stem cell research that could alleviate the suffering of millions." Susan came to believe that John Kerry's position on this issue is an honest one. Kerry has personal objections to abortion, but will not allow his personal view to influence his public policies where he supports women’s right to choose. Through discussion, Susan Valadez gained a new appreciation of the complexity of the pro-life issue, and chose today to vote for Kerry.

Meanwhile, in Wayne, PA, a registered Democrat and mother of three became very concerned about the security and safety of her children after September 11, 2001. Based on Bush’s campaign rhetoric she had come to believe that there was a link between Iraq and the 9/11 attacks, and until recently believed that Bush policies and actions were keeping the nation safe. Like a number of other frightened Democratic women voters she had decided to vote for Bush in this election.

A friend of hers who is a member of Republicans for Kerry urged her to read the 9/11 Commission Report. The report opened her eyes; she now believes that Bush misled her. “There is no link between Iraq and Bin Laden, and by invading Iraq, Bush has made us more vulnerable,” she told RepublicansForKerry04.org. “A president’s tough words and gestures can make us feel better but can’t keep us safe. I am looking for a president who can keep our country safe by working with our allies, fully utilizing intelligence resources, deploying our military forces effectively, and enforcing our homeland security. I now believe that man is John Kerry.”

RepublicansForKerry04.org believes that democracy can only survive if a majority of citizens are well informed. For many of our members, the decision to support Kerry did not come easily. We hope that by sharing our own experiences others will be encouraged to make decisions based on facts, rather than slogans and sound bytes. With the presidential election less than a week away, undecided voters are making their decisions. We urge them to decide for John Kerry.

[For more information please contact media@republicansforkerry04.org]

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