New Household Invention Changes Traditional Mopping Process

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A new household invention available on the World Wide Web provides consumers an easier way to clean floors by changing the traditional mop and bucket floor cleaning process. The invention, called the SqueezeEze, a simple conical twist-type mop wringer, rests in position on the kitchen sink divider, thus, eliminating the need for a bucket at all. The SqueezeEze provides a new “system” where a round-based string or fabric mop can be rinsed clean in the tap and then wrung out right there at the sink.

A new household invention, available on the World Wide Web, reportedly provides an easier way to clean floors by changing the traditional mop and bucket floor cleaning process. The invention, called the SqueezeEze, is a simple cone-shaped, twist-type mop wringer that hangs conveniently and temporarily over the kitchen sink divider, thus providing a new method in which round-based string or fabric mops can be rinsed clean at the tap and then easily wrung out right there in the sink.

The description and detailed usage of the device, found at, provides a photo demonstration and tips on how to use cleaners and disinfectants with it.

The SqueezeEze mop wringer is described as "a godsend” by Tiffany Christensen, a working mother with four children and plenty of floor cleaning to do. The website points out the shortcomings of the traditional mopping process, stating that the use of mop buckets never has and never will yield the cleanest floors because as you proceed mopping, the water in the bucket becomes dirtier and dirtier until “you are merely spreading a thin layer of mud around on your kitchen floor.” The website praises the new method by explaining that each time the mop is rinsed, it is rinsed completely clean in running water, resulting in a clean mop and, thus, a truly clean floor. “Not only that,” Tiffany says, “but I can grab my mop and SqueezeEze and clean up spills instantly without having to fill a bucket or smear the mess around with a towel!”

For those who may not like the idea of floor rinse water in the sink, the company says not to worry. Floors aren't that dirty. Surprisingly, floors are almost as clean as other household surfaces in most instances. As added assurance, the website offers an easy method of disinfecting the sink if desired.

The site presents an interesting historical point about mopping. It says that these round-based string mops have been around since who-knows-when and, despite their having always required some kind of bucket and wringer or the user having had to squeeze them out with his or her hands, they have weathered the ages. They are still found in nearly every store. It goes on to state that they are substantially the best of all other devices or ideas since their inception, including sponge mops the disposable pad mops, and obviously from a cost standpoint, the new expensive plug-in floor cleaning machines. Because of these factors, string mops have gone through various levels of acceptance throughout the ages. Now, with this new device, and its relative ease in wringing out these mops, the company sees a return to a new and unprecedented popularity in the string mop because of the SqueezeEze device.

Barbara Simonsen, a Virginia homemaker and grandmother, says, "Housewives all through history have looked for better ways to clean their floors. I was there when string mops were challenged by sponge mops and then, disposable pad mops and now, the expensive electric machines. I think this website's claims are right on the money; that after trying all of these new ideas, many housewives, myself included, have discovered that nothing really works better than the original string mop. Before, I had to wring out my string mop by hand or use a cumbersome mop bucket that I had to empty and refill every five minutes. With this new SqueezeEze, it's a snap. My hands don't get dirty or, even, wet and I believe my floors are really as clean as they can be."

From the environmental point of view and in light of the tendency in recent years of products being pushed on consumers as throw-away this and throw-away that, this has resulted in growing mountains of waste just from housekeeping products. The SqueezeEze site points out the positive environmental affect connected with its non-disposable approach, since a single mop lasts so long.

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