New Magnet Technology Reduces Fuel Costs by 15%

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Magnet City, one of the worldÂ?s leading magnet suppliers, offers an easy way of increasing vehicle gas mileage, thus reducing the cost-per-gallon of fuel.

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In an era of $2-a-gallon gasoline, Magnet City, Inc, a professional distributor of magnets of all forms, has developed a fuel-saving Neodymium magnet ic assembly fluid conditioner that, when installed around the fuel line of almost any vehicle, dramatically increases the vehicle’s gas mileage.

“According to feedback from our customers, our state-of-the-art fuel-saving Neodymium magnets saves up to fifteen percent on the cost of gasoline,” said David Kaplan, President of Magnet City. “With fuel averaging two dollars a gallon, that can save a fleet of buses, trucks, and vans thousands of dollars a year.”

Naturally occurring magnet ic forces cause fuel molecules to attract one another. This clustering decreases the surface area of fuel molecules exposed to oxygen – a key ingredient for fuel combustion. The fuel is inefficiently and incompletely burned, and the molecules are either emitted into the air as polluting hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide, or they remain inside the engine causing carbon deposits and varnish buildup.

By taking advantage of the principles of hydrodynamic magnet ics, Magnet City’s Neodymium fuel-saving specially-engineered rare earth magnets use nine square-inches of focused 11,000 gauss magnet ic field that pushes apart the clusters and physically changes the fuel’s molecular structure, creating smaller molecules. Optimal combustion can then take place, providing more horsepower with less gas wasted and less pollution expelled. This results in better fuel economy for the motor vehicle in which the fuel-saving rare earth magnet is installed, and more savings at the pump.

After an easy, no-tools-required installation, the fuel conditioner never needs to be replaced or cleaned, and it will never lose its magnet ic potency. Get more information on how fuel conditioners can save money on gasoline by visiting or calling in the United States 954-578-5111 or 954-578-4111. As a Christmas special, Magnet City is offering a 25% discount on the first units ordered and a 50% discount on additional units.

About Magnet City, Inc:

A leading supplier in the magnet industry, Magnet City is well known for its customization flexibilities, competitive prices, and rigorous quality control practices.

Through years of endeavors, the versatile company has developed techniques to manufacture any size and type of magnet for any customer and provide technical solutions for industrial magnet needs. Thanks to their new alliance with a major manufacturer, Magnet City can offer the lowest prices on the Internet. Prices can be quoted by calling 954-578-5111 or faxing 954-578-0880.

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