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For years email marketers have studied email marketing and tried to determine how to boost open rates, clik rates, etc. The fact is that with standard email server technology, campaings will rarely get delivered effectively and will fail regularly.

Gary Kraeger, President of ActivSoftware, Inc. and co-founder of XM Mail Server,, recently announced the new version of his firms email server. In his words, “We’ve uncovered the key components that ensure highly successful email marketing campaigns. We’ve analyzed hundreds of campaigns, some in-house, others for customers, and we built a brand new email server around these success parameters.” In a new article titled, “Email Marketing Success Factors,” by Rob Thrasher, Founder of New Millennium Minds,, the team released internal research highlighting what they claim are, “Key email marketing success parameters.”

According to the article even firms that begin the marketing process with a strong list might fall into a peril whereby email campaigns fail. The worst part is that you will likely never even be aware of the problem. The article lists the possible perils, mostly related to the use of inadequate email server software. Many companies stretch their budgets for email hardware but use free server software to manage critical business to customer email communications.

The article’s conclusion is that with inadequate email server software, even that which is installed on the fastest, most reliable server hardware available, campaigns might appear successful from a delivery standpoint, but then fail to produce peak performance. Business email marketing managers lose valuable metrics. Usually they are not even aware of the problem since the email server software is not adequate to evaluate the situation. Thrasher explained, “It’s like the old saying that you can’t fix what you don’t know is broken. If the server fails to track key deliverability metrics that can put an effective stop to an email campaign, then you will get sketchy metrics and a meager return on investment, at best.”

David Lisi, Email Marketing Manager for Life & Homes Magazine,, stated, “The article contains many examples but one of the simplest is a scenario where the email server does not track the maximum number of emails allowed to be sent to AOL in one batch. After the first few hundred AOL begins to dump emails into a bulk folder and despite the fact that it technically is delivered, it will probably never be read. Even if a smarter email server managed to accidentally anger a recipient firms marketers using a smarter email server are notified of the situation and pause the campaign mid-stream. Then within a few minutes of your emails beginning to be dumped marketing personnel can remedy the situation and save an otherwise doomed campaign. This one article addressed almost every scenario where a recipient firm might trash existing and future email campaigns.”


About ActivSoftware
ActivSoftware was founded by four partners and continues as an employee owned and operated firm. Gary Kraeger, Rob Thrasher, Pete Freitag, Greg Alton and Matt Finn began building and marketing dynamic Web tools in the late 1990's and sold the first copy of their Web based editor, ActivEdit, in Q3, 1999. From ActivEdit they spun a Web of server-side, Web based, software tools geared toward the developer community. Recently they launched XM Mail Server, a business e-mail server.

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