Economic Recovery is Born from American Ingenuity Not the American Presidency

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Tomorrow we elect a new president, but does it really matter whoÂ?s elected when it comes to the economy? One innovative entrepreneur believes his success, and the recent success of other Â?start upÂ? companies is based solely on the old concept of Â?American Ingenuity,Â? regardless of which political party is in power.

Wayne Perry, founder of SiCap Industries, believes that good old “innovation” has always been, and will always be the key to success for American businesses. Perry believes the future of the American economy is directly related to the tenacity of its’ entrepreneurial community, and that smart companies can not only thrive in a difficult economy, but they can also help turn things around.

“The American economy will always rely on those few entrepreneurs who dare to succeed,” says Wayne Perry, founder of SiCap Industries, a company born in Perry’s basement barely one year ago. Today, SiCap is making their second move into a 3,500 square foot manufacturing facility in the middle of New York State’s “Tech Valley Region,” encompassing the area in and around the capitol of Albany.

SiCap Industries built their original success on a very unique product, the world’s first hot pepper nasal spray known as “Sinus Buster”. This innovative product is being hailed by the medical community as a very important breakthrough in chronic headache and sinus relief. Since Sinus Buster was first introduced to the marketplace last November, this all natural nasal spray has taken the world by storm.

Over the summer, Perry’s company was featured in the Wall Street Journal, and within its’ first six months of operation, SiCap Industries went from $500 in weekly sales to over $10,000. Although the company’s success can be directly related to their unusual nasal spray, the real success is in the way this basement company marketed their product without a legitimate budget.

“That’s where the real innovation comes in,” says Perry.

“Coming up with the product is only the first step. If people don’t know about it, it doesn’t matter how well it works. So I thought to myself, how can I get people to notice my product without wasting our precious cash. And that’s when I realized that Sinus Buster was truly a newsworthy story. It was the first headache and sinus remedy of its’ kind, and it really works – so I figured we needed to get the media’s attention so they could spread the word for us. We knew there were at least 60 million Americans out there suffering from chronic sinus conditions, and another 35 million suffering from chronic headaches such as migraines. So since our company actually found a potential cure for many of these people, it seemed like this was a big news story, and we were right. Since we first started putting out press releases on the web, media from all over the world have starting testing and reporting on the effectiveness of sinus buster. Next thing ya know we’re selling thousands of units every week with no end in sight all thanks to smart marketing and of course, the foresight of the media,”.

And that’s where this entrepreneur says many American businesses can learn a lesson. It definitely takes money to grow a business, but everything else boils down to the marketing. If you have a good product and you’re media savvy, the “American Dream” is still within your grasp. Regardless of who is or isn’t president, small businesses and large businesses alike have got to create their own markets as the times change. Furthermore, aside from energy conglomerates and military contractors, most businesses are left swinging in the wind as far as the government is concerned.

“Look we have about a $415 billion dollar deficit for the year 2004. Much of that was caused by Bush’s tax cuts, but at the same time the people who got those tax cuts were predominately business owners and executives with major corporations. At the same time you’re giving those cuts, the government is increasing taxes on small and mid-level businesses. So you’re increasing the deficit while lessoning the burden of America’s top two percent, but although the tax cut is supposed to promote business owners to increase spending, it doesn’t actually do anything because the government is trying to make up for the tax cuts by further burdening the businesses themselves,” says Perry.

Perry says the government (no matter which party is in power), has got to increase funding for true entrepreneurial spirited companies to help get the economy back on track.

“It has always and will always come down to innovation, but if the government continually assists only the big privileged companies, the future Thomas Edisons and Henry Fords of America will be suppressed by the mere lack of support by our own government. That’s why it’s up to small businesses to band together and innovate as much as possible – not just with invention, but also with marketing and creating your own markets if necessary,” adds Perry.

Perry makes one very strange correlation between the accepted “Father’s Of Invention,” and the so-called “King of Media,” Howard Stern. Perry says Stern’s move to Sirius Satellite radio is a “pure genius checkmate move that presents the perfect example of true American entrepreneurial spirit and innovation".

“Howard was being squeezed by the government mainly because of his political stance, but he and his management team found a way around it. In fact, they turned it into a positive. That’s what American innovation in business is all about. It doesn’t matter if it’s selling hot pepper nasal spray or selling a radio show, success is based on tenacity and innovation. So as far as the president is concerned, you have to vote with your heart and hope for the best,” says Perry.

Perry does however agree with Howard Stern's political agenda. He says a vote for Bush is a vote for the same “Good Ole Boy” politics. Perry believes that with Kerry, there may be a chance to patch the damage that’s been done to America’s entrepreneurial spirit by reversing tax breaks for the rich while adding incentives to assist small and mid-level businesses.

More importantly, Perry says a company cannot rely solely on governmental support. He says a smart company needs to bend with the changes that naturally evolve in society and government. Perry believes the internet is where the real future is for innovative businesses, and he insists that a global business community is the way to spread economic prosperity not only in the United States, but worldwide.

Perry says “The internet’s marketing power has barely been tapped, and the future of world business and world peace is in its’ hands. ”

“From the start, we knew that the power of the world wide web was the key. The web is the key to a true global economy, and instead of thinking in terms of nations, we need to think of ourselves as earthlings. Thirty percent of our business is overseas, and with the energy crunch it’s super expensive to ship product internationally. So we give special discounts to our overseas distributors because they face high fuel costs and customs tariffs. Our company may make a little less profit on international sales, but what we do make really adds to our bottom line. It’s all about bending with the times. We’re out to build our brands internationally – not just on a national level. Again – it’s all about innovation and global acceptance".

Adhering to Perry’s philosophy of innovation, SiCap Industries is also releasing a new line of skin care products formulated with hot pepper extract and a multitude of proven herbal ingredients. The new product line known as “PepperCare,” is purported to be the start of a revolution in natural “anti-aging” skin care. Once again, Perry and his management team at SiCap Industries have dared to create a new market for a product that has never existed before.

To learn more about Sinus Buster Nasal Spray, or any of the herbal pepper products from SiCap Industries, visit ( Product samples, and information kits are available to qualified media and medical personnel upon request.

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