Motivational Expert Provides Diversity Training Programs

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Motivational expert Paul Lawrence Vann provides entertaining and thought provoking diversity training programs customized to help organizations alleviate misunderstandings and miscommunications between management and staff. Vann's diversity training programs increase an organizations level of diversity awareness and productivity.

Motivational expert Paul Lawrence Vann, President/CEO of Laurel Wreath Communications Inc. is currently providing a diversity training program titled “Managing Differences on a Staff.”

The Managing Differences on a Staff training program will increase your organizations understanding about the impact of diversity on work behavior and help personnel gain skills in dealing effectively with staff of all backgrounds, “Vann states.” For more information visit his website at or call him at 1-800-476-8976.

We can all agree America is the greatest country the world has ever known and it’s because of her diversity. The U.S. Census Bureau’s population clock reflects over 294 million diverse citizens in America. It also reflects a world population of 6.3 billion people.

Many of us at one time or another have heard about people from other parts of the world sometimes risking life and limb trying to get to America. These people understand and know America is the land of opportunity and their quality of life will be better, if only they could get here. Vann states “people from other countries are coming to America in groves and our country must address this issue.”

People from other countries are coming to America and want to become citizens because they want to live in a country that understands freedom, liberty and hope. America is a country that offers unlimited possibilities to people, resulting in a better quality of life.

America is by no means monolithic, we are in fact the most diverse country in the world and each and every day our demographics change. It's important to understand when people and change come together in the workplace a new dynamic takes shape and that dynamic is called diversity.

Very few issues in the workplace present such a unique combination of challenges and potential benefits as workplace diversity. It’s a given that every employee is different because they come from different cultures. We all have different values, we also have different ages and of course different motivations.

Vann’s training programs will help your organization learn about the cultural influences on communication, giving feedback without losing face, and giving feedback in culturally sensitive ways.

Audiences will also learn to communicate expectations in a diverse environment and understand cultural differences on the job to help their organizations succeed, because the goal is to learn to manage differences on a staff.

For more specific information,contact Paul at (301) 839-0948 and talk with him about his training programs or motivational talks. He provides full-day and half-day training sessions for his clients.

Laurel Wreath Communications Inc. is a motivational speaking, training, and consulting company located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Laurel Wreath Communications continues to make positive contributions to humanity through their training programs and keynote speeches.

Paul Lawrence Vann is a member of the National Speakers Association and is a graduate of SHRMs Diversity Train-the-Trainer Program.


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