CyberScrub Offers Hard Drive Erase Software Trial

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Why pay for a hard drive erase software program without giving it a test drive first? CyberScrub offers you 15 days to evaluate its hard drive erase software program. CyberScrub's hard drive erase software program exceeds U.S. DOD 5220.22-M requirements.

Men being men, boys being boys, it is common knowledge that the male gender thinks about the opposite gender at least 300 times a day. Such a genetic predisposition makes it difficult for any man to resist the lure of available imagery. Some men actively search for it; others do it inadvertently when they click on an email containing a hyperlink from a young thing named Barbi who invites them to “chat’. Few can escape the occasional temptation.

If you are normal, you have probably visited a site or two and, as a result, you may have given thought on more than one occasion to the purchase of a hard drive erase software program. Now it’s easier than ever to erase a hard drive and there’s no risk involved because CyberScrub offers you the ability to evaluate the software before you buy it.

If you haven’t given much thought to a hard drive erase lately, you might want to review a few of the more common reasons more and more men, particularly businessmen, are making this small investment.

Savvy executives, whether working for a large corporation or as owners of their own companies, understand that even the threat of a harassment lawsuit can have devastating short and long term consequences. Short term, hostile work environment lawsuits can have a serious impact on employee morale. Long term the damage can be generate sizable financial losses. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable because a sizable judgment can force them into bankruptcy.

Employees, apart from potential hazard of personal embarrassment, frequently buy it because they are justifiably concerned that discovery might lead to the unemployment line. Again, their concerns are largely driven by management’s growing concerns about potential company liability.

Apart from the workplace, men buy CyberScrub for personal reasons. Some allow others to use their computers and it scares the daylights out of them to think that someone might be using them to view or download child pornography. That’s serious stuff. Ultimately the computer owner is the one who gets prosecuted when law enforcement officials follow the trail that leads from an illegal site to a personal IP address.

Some men are just concerned about their reputations and the effect discovery would have on their loved ones. While a wife may profess to be a “modern woman”, most men know they will be bedding down in the garage if their wife discovers what they are doing when she’s out with her girlfriends.

The effect discovery has on children can be even more devastating. Only a true miscreant would fail to recognize that he would probably never recover from the embarrassment of discovery and that’s not the worst of it. The relationship a father has with his children would forever been tainted.

For the uninformed, computer hard drives never really "erase" information, but overwrite the data with new bits and bytes. The problem however, is that many times data is simply marked as available to be overwritten or only partially overwritten. And the misconceptions don’t stop there. Many men are still believe that simply reformatting the drive will make data inaccessible - this is a dangerous misconception.

CyberScrub deletes discarded files beyond recovery and, thereby, eliminates all evidence of your past internet activity. The program meets and exceeds the U.S. Department of Defense standards for the permanent erasure of digital information (U.S. DOD 5220.22). It consistently gets top reviews from the professional community and general public, not only because it is effective, it is inexpensive.

The extensive erasing capabilities of CyberScrub make sure that not even a trace remains after erasing data. CyberScrub has a lot of wipe (overwrite) methods, differing in speed and security. Among those featured is an advanced 35 wipe method based on the research of Peter Gutmann.

The fastest ones offer normal security and can stop software recovery tools. The slower ones match and exceed the specifications of the U.S. Department of Defense and are designed to prevent recovery by hardware tools. If you are not satisfied with the existing wipe methods, you can even define your own wipe methods. Advanced features like verifying each wipe pass and each disk operation allow CyberScrub to intercept any failures and inform you if data is not successfully erased.

With CyberScrub you can automatically clear the contents of folders that usually contain "cookies" and other sensitive data (such as the Web browser cache, swap file, "locked files", Temporary Internet files, the recent document list, etc.).

You can also erase entire folder structures (folders with all their subfolders and files) and even entire drives. Features like the possibility of collecting multiple file specifications (e.g. *.tmp) turn CyberScrub into a clean-up utility. Additional features include the ability to automatically perform erase operations from batch files or scheduling software, password protection, optional confirmation, logging support, and more.

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