MoodTyme Launches World's Largest Dance Project

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There comes a time in every generation where something or someone changes the way things are normally done. It can feel like an impact in the Earth has been declared from an invisible force. The world must now dance. An epidemic of passion has been ignited.

MoodTyme Entertainment & Corporate is setting the stage for a global revival of dance. With the now in progress worldwide promotion for its new company,The Realm International Dance Workshop Coordinator, MoodTyme is leading the way and will be giving millions of individuals around the world an opportunity to learn from the best choreographers and top dance instructors on the planet. Health wise, this project could also provide great cardiovascular exercise and internal motivation as contributing renowned Los Angeles jazz choreographer and dance educator Jim Keith explained in his own words, "Good dance training is Good life training". The Realm Coordinator launched promotion this past October in New York and Los Angeles. The promotion is scheduled to run for 9 months, hitting 75 cities in the USA, totaling over 150 cities worldwide, covering 30 countries.

The global dance project connects dance facilities and dance patrons which include dance studios, performing arts schools, dance theaters, hotels, public schools, fitness centers(also tv producers and video directors) and more with the top dance instructors and leading choreographers in the world to create an unforgettable learning experience through dance workshops or other individual dance projects. "Dance is a way of self-expression and a way of life. It opens up so many avenues in this world by creating confidence, passion, and purpose for people that they never thought existed", expressed MoodTyme managed celebrity hiphop and b-boy choreographer Tony "Kidd Kaeos" Banks. MoodTyme's CEO Germaine "Kingdomchild" Moody, a native of Albany, GA and who's also a professional choreographer among other talents explains why he decided to launch the project, "It's so sad that many of the performing arts have been taken away from our communities, our schools and our lives. I don't know what I would have done if I didn't have the arts to sustain me when I was growing up, they've become my life and my passion. The Realm Coordinator is more than just company or a project, it's a movement and an ambassador of dance to the world. Not only are we opening a door of opportunity plus exposure, we could very well be the last hope for that studio owner about to shut down or that dancer who needs a fresh dose of inspiration. Dance itself is derived from joy, creativity, and passion. To the choreographer, it's a moving and breathing force. To the dancer, it's oxygen and freedom. Dance is an insatiable power unseen, though demonstrated for a lifetime, still momentarily in motion. I live for those moments." Moody currently resides in Los Angeles and in Seattle.

MoodTyme plans to have thousands of dance facilities plus hundreds of the world's best instructors and choreographers(including dance agencies) around the world affiliated and associated with the ground-breaking project. It will cater to dance styles such as ballroom, hip hop, ballet, swing, belly, salsa, tap, jazz, line, fight, and more. With such international associations underway within 30 countries, future MoodTyme plans for the venture include the organization of the International Dance Arts & Choreography Academy(IDACA) along with the production of the annual International Dance Arts & Choreography Awards which will also be known as 'The Realm Awards', honoring those from a variety of categories who have made an impact around the world through achievement in dance and choreography. The IADC members will globally consist of dancers, choreographers, instructors, dance studio owners, dance teachers, dance agents, dance managers, performing arts school staff, dance publications staff, continental directors of other choreography award shows and individuals who support the art of dance. An informative yet inspirational must-have 'how to' book covering the vast dance industry will also be co-authored by Moody along with a selected group of dancers, dance managers, studios, agents, and choreographers from around the world. "This is one of the most ambitious dance projects I have ever come across, and I strongly believe that MoodTyme are the right people to facilitate this venture, plus I'm thrilled to be a part of it", explained professional gospel industry choreographer/dancer Wendell "Dell" Isidor of Toronto, Ontario Canada.

In addition to working with the top dance instructors and choreographers in the world, MoodTyme will give new, undiscovered and aspiring dancers/choreographers the opportunity to pursue their dreams as professionals in the dance industry through MoodTyme and dance industry agents. Two official launch parties for the opening of The Realm Coordinator are to be scheduled for late 2005. A global invitation for the launch parties to the dance community, dance industry and dance world is offered from MoodTyme.

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