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Dr Eve Campanelli (Ph.D) features herbal remedies and special herb and homeopathic therapy packs on her new website at http://www.evesherbs.com

Many clients have tried Dr Eve Campanelli's products and have gone from skeptics, who believed all herbalists to be glorified snake oil sales people, to true disciples. Not only does Dr. Eve know her herbal remedies, but she is also caring and thoughtful.

Dr. Eve Campanelli founder of Eve's Herbs, is a professional holistic health care expert specializing in the use of herbs, nutrition, and homeopathy. Her time-tested formulas and herbal remedies have provided significant relief from even the toughest health challenges for men and women alike. Her personal battle with cancer and extensive credentials has led to a successful practice. She has advised thousands of men and women including many of the stars (Cher, George Hamilton, Lily Tomlin, Morgan Fairchild, Mellisa Gilbert, and many others) in her private practice in Beverly Hills, California.

Dr. Campanelli began her private practice in 1978 and now has an office in Beverly Hills, California, where she lives with her husband and son. She received her BA in Health Care from Antioch College in 1977, has two Master Herbalist degrees from Emerson College and the Rio Grande Center for Herbal Studies, has a PhD in Holistic Medicine from Ryokan College, and most recently became a Diplomate and Fellow of the British Institute of Homeopathy. Dr. Campanelli also teaches classes in herbology and related health care topics, and authors an ongoing newsletter. In addition to writing her own book, she is a contributing author to several Rodale Press health books.

A full line of Eve's Herbs formulas, tested over nearly 30 years of private practice, can be found listed individually in the website catalog, and are combined in the Therapy Packs for the various Health Challenges listed below and on the website.

EvesHerbs.com features herbal remedies and products for the following health challenges: Acne | Anxiety & Panic Attacks | Asthma | Addictions| Arthritis, Bursitis, and Rheumatism| Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.) | Boils, Carbuncles, Folliculitis | Breakthrough Bleeding | Bronchitis | Carpal Tunnel Syndrome | Chronic Sinusitis | Cold Sores/Fever Blisters (Herpes Simplex) | Colds/Flu | Constipation | Cramps | Croup | Cystitis | Depression | Diarrhea and Irritable Bowel| Eczema, Dermatitis, Psoriasis | Endometriosis, Cysts, and Fibroids | Epstein Barr (E.B.V.) and Cytomegalo Virus (C.M.V.) | Fatigue and Exhaustion | Gallstones | Heart Pressure and/or Pain/Angina | Hemorrhoids| Hepatitis | High Blood Pressure | Impotence | Indigestion / Reflux / Hiatus | Hernia | Infertility | Insomnia | Menopause | Migraines | Mononucleosis | Osteoporosis | Overweight | Parasites or Worms | Pilonidal Cysts | Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) | Prenatal and Postnatal Care | Prostate Inflammation, Infection and Enlargement | Skin Cancer | Stress | Sugar Cravings, Hypoglycemia | Thyroid Imbalance | Ulcers | Varicose Veins | Warts | Yeast Infection

An example of one of Eve's most popular formulas is MNF. Being high in magnesium, calcium and trace minerals, its therapeutic actions include being an anti-spasmodic (muscle relaxer), sedative, astringent, cardiac tonic and uterine relaxant. It is fabulous for PMS, menstrual cramps, and sciatica, and can help in the prevention and often reversal of osteoporosis, sensitive teeth, receding gums, muscle spasms and muscle weakness. It also will help to counteract the calcium drawn out of the bones by drinking excessive amounts of coffee and sodas. It works so well for PMS and menstrual cramping, a typical comment after taking it through two menstrual cycles is, "Now I don't even know my period is coming!"

Dr. Campanelli's website lists Health conditions and topics as well as therapy packs and herbal remedies for each topic. Her book, "Feeling Very Much Better" can also be found on the website at http://www.evesherbs.com.

Our clients are feeling much better and so should you!

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