PrincessCrafts Makes Scrapbooking Easier for Seniors and the Disabled

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Cheryl Stephens, of Camarillo California, credits with making scrapbooking possible again. As she puts it: "I am disable and this site is the only way that I can scrapbook." Mary Wittlock from Cullman, Alabama says "Please don't ever stop your website, we handicappers love you doing the work for us."

When PrincessCrafts developed their easy system of scrapbooking, they had no idea how much it would mean to those with physical disabilities or inexperience with computers. Wes Waddell, Co-Owner says "Kathy and I were just trying to create an easy system for people who don't have a lot of time or who need a little help with creativity. We knew it was saving people money; finding out that it was making scrapbooking more available to such a caring group of people was the icing on the cake. You can imagine how good it makes us feel."

Wes says that it was just less than 1 year ago when one of our clients, Darlene White gave us the first insight to how we are helping. Darlene, who has problems with both arms and her back wrote, "My husband and I are handicapped, so it makes things a little less frustrating to be able to download and print what I need." As we quickly found out, this was only the beginning.

As PrincessCrafts continued to refine our system of computer scrapbooking, we began hearing more stories of personal accomplishment from our members. Cheryl Stephens, one of those members, made it very clear that what really does best is to give people confidence and pride. PrincessCrafts makes it possible for anyone who can turn on a computer to create beautiful scrapbook pages. Cheryl wrote, "I am wheelchair bound. I have limited use of my left arm and left leg. Before my injury, I loved working with my Family Tree. After my injury, I was told about scrap booking. But It was taking me a very long time to make a page and my, when I would cut out stuff, well lets just say it looked like poop LoL." All that changed once she found our site.

Now, when we write to thank her for all her kind words, Cheryl says "You do not have to thank me for stating the truth! It is me that needs to Thank You! All the hard work you do allows me to enjoy scrapbooking."

Mary Wittlock agrees with her. Mary, who is also handicapped, just joined our membership after seeing Cheryl's testimonial on the site. She asked to be placed in contact with Cheryl and the two have been talking ever since. Wes says that Mary has been invaluable in making sure that the new Computer Scrapbooking 101 Mini-Course is as detailed and easy to understand as possible. Mary says, "I am so happy I joined your course as it sure got me going on scrapbooking with a vengeance. You are two wonderful people and definitely are committed to your consumers. Your help to the computer illiterate community is outstanding."

So, what does do that warrants such rave reviews? Wes says, "that's easy to answer." We relate to our members. We were just where they are not so very long ago. So, we do everything we can to make it easy for those with little or no computer experience to learn how to begin digital scrapbooking. We make limited mobility a non-issue. If you can turn on the computer and tap on the keyboard, our system will have you creating great looking scrapbooks in no time. Even those of you that are somewhat creatively challenged will find yourself getting "oos and ahs" from friends and family as they view your new scrapbooks.

Computer generated scrapbooking has exploded in the past two years. Many scrapbookers have already decided to take advantage of the benefits that using their computer to digitally preserve their memories has to offer. The truth is, computer scrapbooking is less expensive, faster, offers a lot of features that aren’t possible and even more that are difficult to attain with traditional scrapbooking. and those numbers probably double for senior citizens and people with disabilities.

Let's look at just a few of the benefits that scrapbooking in digital form brings.

Storage: How many of you have, or know someone whose traditional scrapbook supplies have taken over the house? We've all had the dinning table so full of papers and tools that dinner as a family just wasn't possible. Computer scrapbookers have a fraction of that problem.

If you have a computer set up in your home, like the vast majority of us do, then you’ve already got most of the workspace you’ll need. There’s no need to find a large space for paper, tools, and embellishments. Most of your tools and supplies are stored in your computer. Your papers are now just white in different weights and sizes, since you print the whole page, background and all now. My large supply of papers all fit into a single large file drawer. And, if you choose to store your finished layouts on CD-ROM or on your hard drive, then you don’t even have to worry about storing that!

For those of you that have trouble getting around, imagine never having to go to the scrapbook store with its narrow isles again. All your paper and ink can be delivered right to your door. All your templates can be downloaded online.

The Undo Button: The “undo” button is a big problem solver. Nearly all graphic software programs will give you the amazing and life saving “undo” and “delete” options. This is your license to change your mind about the page design as much as you want. No more ruining photos or wasting products to see what it looks like. It costs you nothing on the computer until you hit the print button.

Even after hitting the print button, it's less than $1.50 a page on today's high quality printers. When was the last time a traditional hand scrapped page cost you less that a buck and a half to create? And that's if you use photo or other expensive paper.

Journaling: One of the biggest challenges for most traditional scrapbookers is creating quality titles and journaling and then placing them appropriately on your page. Let's face it, even traditional scrapbookers are moving towards computer generated journaling and titles. The computer allows you to create high quality fancy titles very easily and in a fraction of the time it would take to use traditional calligraphy techniques.

For seniors and the handicapped, this means that trembling or unsteady hands no longer slow you down or place a limit on your journaling options. Today you can even have your own handwriting made into a custom computer font. Generations after you're gone, your family can still be scrapbooking in your handwriting. You certainly can't do that in traditional scrapbooking.

Replicate your scrapbooks: This is by far one of my favorite things about digital scrapbooking. How would you like to make a new scrapbook for your grandparents, your mom and your sister without having to create 3 different books? When you use computer scrapbooking for that heritage album you're making, just print each page three times and you have three books with no extra effort on your part. With just the click of your mouse, you can reproduce as many copies of your scrapbooks as you’d like.

Let's wrap it up so you can get started with your first digital scrapbook.

Computer Scrapbooking holds many advantages over traditional ways of creating a scrapbook. We've only covered a few of the more obvious. For many seniors and handicapped individuals, this is the only way that scrapbooking is possible and fun.

For those of you reading this that are hard-core traditional scrappers who don't think that digital scrapbooking is true scrapbooking... I need to point out that you are in 99.99% of the cases, already computer scrapbooking. Don't think so?

If you have ever used preprinted papers, stickers, punch outs or even added current news clippings to your pages. You are using computer-generated materials. You may not have created them, but I assure you, someone with a computer did!

"Computer Scrapbooking" is not all or nothing. For those of you who love the primitive acts of cutting, gluing, coloring, tearing and pounding (accessories, not your spouse), combine the advantages of both computer scrapbooking and traditional methods.

Take advantage of the titles and journaling capabilities and add them to your traditional pages. Save some money and print your own papers and backgrounds, maybe a clipart or two. It's all up to you. The bottom line is, don't knock it until you've tried it.

PrincessCrafts does all we can to make scrapbooking affordable. For those of you on a limited budget, as many of us are, you won't find a more inexpensive way to create your scrapbook family treasures than through our membership. With a Membership, you get it all, as often as you like, as much as you need. even helps with the learning curve. You don't have to learn the software and teach yourself the skills you need to maneuver comfortably through the software. Sign up for our free Computer Scrapbooking 101 Mini-Course and we'll teach you the basics and help you to gain an understanding of the terminology, the tools, and software abilities. We'll even provide you a link to free software to use. No limits!

For additional information, samples or to sign up for our FREE Computer Scrapbooking 101 Mini-course, fly over to:

About is the leader in bringing Membership to the digital scrapbook community. Tailored to the beginner and intermediate computer scrapbooker, is the only site to offer everything needed to get started, including a link to a FREE software suite for only the cost of your time.

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