"GeorgeWBush@TheWhiteHouse2004.com" E-Mail Address Claims Marketing Success

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Domain name owner "JorgeWBush.com" "Jorge" the Spanish name for "George" and the attractive and now most famous e-mail address "GeorgeWBush @ TheWhiteHouse2004.com" claims success in the Internet.

An e-mail address can help you market cheaply, effectively and more important sends the "Intended Message", claims Jesus I Lizarazo a Colombian-American entrepreneur in the Cyber Space Real Estate who believes to be the first in the Internet using this technique since 1999 with his famous e-mail address: "GeorgeWBush @ TheWhiteHouse2000.com" used in President's Bush first Presidential Campaign and the upgraded e-mail address "Please vote for GeorgeWBush @ TheWhiteHouse2004.com" successfully used for his recent and victorious reelection campaign.” There are no questions about the positive results" says Jesus I. Lizarazo

The website "JorgeWBush.com" in Spanish was also his idea to help promote his favorite Candidate win this reelection in the growing Spanish Internet Market. Similar e-mail address like "JorgeWBush @ LaCasaBlanca2004.com" and "Info @ JorgeWBush.com" has attracted cyber visitors from all over the world.

Back in Oct. 2000, The Texas Governor George W. Bush then the Republican Candidate wrote a personal Thank You letter to Jesus I. Lizarazo for his ideas and suggestions, and expressed his gratitude for being part of his team.

"There are a number of ways to use the Web to bolster your current marketing activities" says Lizarazo. Here are some examples:

E-mail - You probably use e-mail at home and in the office to keep in touch, but have you considered using as an extension of your marketing programs? For example, you can produce an e-mail address for a Political Campaign presenting a Candidate and asking for their vote at the same time. Thousands of Lizarazo’s e-mails he sends reads as follows: From: "Please vote for GeorgeWBush @ TheWhiteHouse2004.com" or in Spanish De;JorgeWBush @ LaCasaBlanca2004.com. An e-mail address with a message is definitely much easier to remember, at the same time helps to market your Professional or Commercial services or products.

For special occasions like the coming Valentine’s or the 4th of July, Lizarazo already has America @ TeQuieroMucho.com, or (wife’s-girlfriend’s name @ TeQuieroMucho.com; but for now he has to concentrate to reply all the "Congratulations" and "Best Wishes" e-mails he is receiving thru his famous e-mail GeorgeWBush @ TheWhiteHouse2004.com and Info @ JorgeWBush.com coming in from all over the world.

Copies are send to the “boring" e-mail address of bushcheney04 @ georgewbush.com". Finally Lizarazo says: “As a private citizen I am grateful to live in a country where I can express my feelings and ideas. Hope I played an important contribution in Cyber Space to help the reelection of President George W Bush, and at the same time shape a better future of America and the World.

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