Internet Polling Company Nails Prediction for 2004 Presidential Election

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GMIÂ?s World Poll accurately predicted within one percentage point the U.S. presidential electionÂ?s popular vote by using sophisticated Internet polling techniques

GMI’s World Poll accurately predicted within one percentage point the U.S. presidential election’s popular vote by using sophisticated Internet polling techniques that surveyed a broad demographic sample including cell-phone-only users and other hard-to-measure audiences (

Polls conducted by major TV networks and organizations like American Research Group and Zogby International all used traditional (non-Internet) polling methods that forecasted a win by Senator Kerry. GMI World Poll’s survey software, called Net-MR, predicted 48.18% of the popular vote for Kerry and 51.82% for President Bush; actual results of the election were 48% for Kerry and 51.1% for Bush.

“The Internet is becoming the preferred tool for data collection because it’s cheaper, faster and more likely to produce unbiased results,” explained Dr. Mitchell Eggers, COO and chief pollster of GMI World Poll based in Seattle.

“The 2000 Presidential election was the experimental phase for Internet polling, with Harris Interactive leading the charge. Our accurate results for this election can be considered an official inauguration of sophisticated Internet software in the political-polling arena,” Eggers added.

GMI World Poll uses Net-MR, GMI’s patented suite of Internet software tools, to poll more than 200 countries and some 1,000,000 international consumers’ worldwide. GMI believes the Internet is now the preferred polling method because it:

• Allows for controlled representative sampling of persons using the demographic stratums of age, ethnicity, gender, geographical region and race

• Allows for 97% accuracy (1000 person representative sample)

• Prevents interviewer bias and maintains respondents’ anonymity for sensitive questions — unachievable by traditional polling methods (a recent Cornell University Study found 37% of phone calls involved deceptions, compared to 14% of e-mails)

• Allows international consumers to respond from their home or office

• Is the only polling method proven to reach cell-phone respondents

• Allows for clean data to be collected; prevents interviewer error


GMI’s accurate and sophisticated software Net-MR allows for multi-lingual and multi-mode data collection via telephone interview, online surveys, and face-to-face data interviews. It provides real-time analysis, automated stratified sampling, and multi-wave functionality and longitudinal analysis. More information on Net-MR is available at


GMI World Poll questions are designed to solicit opinions on numerous topical issues and critical global events. GMI surveys are fully profiled double opt-in panels from more than 500 global sources to help achieve 97 percent accuracy in their statistical results. Complete results of GMI World Poll surveys are at

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