New Book Defends Electoral College in Wake of Tight Presidential Race

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Book by American Enterprise columnist argues that the Electoral College safeguards freedom. Foreword by Pulitzer Prize-winner George Will.

– In the wake of another close presidential election, critics of the Electoral College have denounced the institution used to select America’s commander-in-chief. Earlier this year The New York Times joined Senator Hillary Clinton in calling for the Electoral College to be abolished, and last week The Los Angeles Times criticized it for causing the candidates to ignore the large but reliably Democratic state of California.

“Many Americans do not understand the origins or logic behind the Electoral College, nor are they taught about the history of this constitutional device,” counters Tara Ross, the former Editor-in-Chief of the Texas Review of Law & Politics and outspoken advocate for the Electoral College.

While calls to abolish the system are not new, Ross says the system itself provides sufficient safeguards to protect minority interests. She says the 2000 election caused many people to become instant supporters or opponents of the system depending on whether their candidate won, and the close race of 2004, which was decided by the state of Ohio, only served to reinforce those views.

In "Enlightened Democracy: The Case for the Electoral College" (World Ahead Publishing), Ross argues the Electoral College serves as one of the layers that protect Americans. “The Founders deemed the Electoral College to be one of the best features of the Constitution they created,” says Ross. She explains that ambition, greed and power are still dangerous to self government and that minorities still need protection.

"Enlightened Democracy", which will be available on November 16 and features a foreword by Pulitzer Prize winning columnist George Will, makes a solid argument against scrapping a system that has served America since its inception.

Ross, an American Enterprise columnist, comes to the defense of the embattled institution. She argues that the Electoral College’s role in selecting presidents across the centuries and concludes that America’s unique presidential election system protects our republic and promotes our liberties.

Edwin Meese, former Attorney General for Ronald Reagan, praises "Enlightened Democracy" for its timely message, explaining how Ross does an outstanding job of “combining historical analysis with clear-thinking logic.” Ken Starr, former Independent Counsel, hails the book as “a powerful tribute to the enduring wisdom of the Framers.”

Though Ross acknowledges that no system is perfect, she says, “The Electoral College was considered by the Founders to have struck a perfect balance between minority protection and majority rule.”

"Enlightened Democracy" will be available through Borders and Barnes & Noble bookstores nationwide, as well as online at

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