Double Decker Train Table Brings Play To A Whole New Level!

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The New Double Decker Train Table by Gadget Masters, LLC inspires open ended play. It's innovative design let's kids quickly change play from train tracks to board games and then to puppet play and table top chalk drawings in seconds, thanks to the tables' unique 2 level design and puppet theater mounts! Best of all, it costs less than most single purpose name brand play tables you will find.

With 4 young children playing together in the house, it is no wonder the Veech family found it difficult to keep their trains and track set up for ore than 5 minutes! "It took hours, sometimes, to set up a good train layout! Our children just cried each time one of them knocked the trains down to play with a board game or draw a picture on our old play table", complained the children's mother, Mayell.

Inspired, Gregg Veech went to his garage and designed the ultimate train table. "It was an immediate hit", Veech told us! My youngest son could set up his trains on the lower play board and when the kids wanted to play a board game, we covered his wooden Brio and Thomas trains with the upper top! It was just so simple. A beautiful design - if I do say so myself."

Grandpa Veech, an inventor himself, also had something to say. "I remember when my granddaughter found some markers and colored all over their old play table. It was ruined. My son watched and took action. Out to the garage he went - and came back with a huge chalkboard playboard! The kids could now cover their train set ups and use their sidewalk chalk to draw right on the table. He's a real innovator when it comes to his children. I am so proud of my son - the best father I know!"

The Double Decker Train Table got even better. When his oldest daughter got into puppet shows, Veech improved the train table design so it could change into a gigantic 4 foot long puppet theater in just seconds! "It was amazing how much time our children began playing without arguing or fighting about what they should play. With this multifunctional train table our kids could do it all", praised Mrs. Veech! "They began working together with puppets, chalk drawings, trains, crafts, and board games. They even used the reversible chalk top to draw their own games like Tic Tac Toe, Checkers, Tiddlywinks, bowling, and many others. One day they even put a ping pong set up on the table and played ping pong with a balloon ball and wooden blocks for the net! The Double Decker Train Table became more of a meeting place for play - than just a piece of furniture."

Once the neighbors got a look at the table, things got out of control. Mr. Veech began making tables for the whole hillside. Then he began selling them on EBay. Next the family formed the web site and added a toll free number that customers began calling at 877-Kid-Stuf (877-543-7883).

"It's the American Dream!", Gregg Veech tells us. I started by watching my kids play, saw a problem and solved it with a train table designed by parents. I went from my garage, to a shop, and then to a factory! We have sold over 10,000 Double Decker Train Tables so far and the business just keeps on growing! We have tons of online stores lining up to re-sell our tables and we can't wait to fill their orders. Our train tables will be in mail order catalogs next year and from there, the sky's the limit!"

"People just love our tables and that makes me one happy father."

You can find out more on the Double Decker Train Table by going to their web site at or call them at 877-543-7883 or email Mr. Veech at

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