CBS International Acquires HostVertex

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After more than two weeks of negotiations, on the 25th of September, one the leading consultancy and IT development companies in Asia, CBS International, acquired HostVertex Inc, a worldwide web hosting and internet services company.

After more than two weeks of negotiations, on the 25th of September, one the leading consultancy and IT development companies in Asia, CBS International, ( acquired HostVertex Inc (, a worldwide web hosting and internet services company.

HostVertex was formed by veterans and budding entrepreneurs, within whom there has been a combined experience of more than 20 years. This startup was initially funded and operated with resources from external sources and its sister companies. Having been less than 3 years old in the industry, HV is now a full fledged internet solutions provider which is proud to be totally debt free and in being one of the most profitable and reliable companies in the industry.

With many hosting companies being in and out of the industry, HostVertex is not a B2B or a B2C reseller channel that simply gets the consumer?s money and then sources for a vendor for the services bought. Growing at an exponential rate with a company life span of less than 3 years under their belt, HV is now gearing towards the reseller market and looking to cover this niche area of the hosting industry.

Creative Business Solutions International LLC (CBS International) was initially formed as a business consultancy firm. The basic service line was in offering consultations for mergers and acquisitions within various industries. Its services ranged from simple loan procurements to multi-million sales & purchases of corporations and companies across the nation. Initial startup capital fundings and development of small startups, One-Man-Operations(OMO) slowly began to include the need for IT services, especially in the internet industry. This growing need was highly irreplaceable and our inability to locate a reliable, dependent service provider was extremely frustrating.

In Jan 2000, a young team of in-house IT consultants were roped in to suffice this niche but growing important need as their primary service line. Thier strong customer oriented approach and profound business ethics soon won many clients over. This subsequently had unique clients acquiring just this service alone, by itself. Eventually, this progressed even further to have clients outside of the primary service line, soliciting such services just by themselves. This growing trend strengthened their confidence and belief that this niche service industry is bound to grow and they were in a sound position to take it by the scruff of its neck. In 2001, Creative Business Solutions was formed as an associate of its parent company. Directly run by a small and dynamic team, it took to providing a one-stop, on-the-fly model of an internet solutions provider.

"We faced strong skepticism and criticism in discomforting remarks such as "..the market is already too saturated" and "..the Internet industry is past its boom, anything from now on is downhill. However, we decided to stick by our belief and did what we do best; offering affordable services to the mass at without compromising on its quality", stated Joshua M.C, lead developer of CBS International.

At the beginning of 2004, Creative Business Solutions was "re-born". Its administrative office and management headquarters were detached and re-established in the Far East, Singapore. The colourful, cosmopolitan city, Singapore (known as Lion City), was chosen because of its superior infrastructure availability, excellent geographical location and the immense growth potential in Asia. Maintaining the same technological deployments back in US, this core group will spearhead growth in the region as well as taking service quality and customer satisfaction to new heights.

Regional datacenters have been established to cater to clients who should not compromise based on their locations. Geographical and physical barriers often impede telecommunication services. This shortcoming is now being worked around with such regional isolation, where the best regional peering agreements come into their datacenters. 24 hour customer service helplines have been setup with more ease due to the opposite difference in the time zones. Taking advantage of the borderless industry, they have established several support offices around the world. Taking advantage of the various time differences, CBS International was able to easily deploy support staff during optimal hours achieving low costs and readily available assistance 24 x 7.

The negotiations were orchestrated by Joshua M.C, lead developer of CBS International and Lorand Minyo, Senior Negotiator and CEO of Minyo Biz BA, called upon by the senior management of CBS International.

This acqusition is considered the most important business contract CBS International has undertaken in the current year in this service sector.

Both CBS International and the former HostVertex management belives that the acqusition that took place less than two weeks ago will drasticly improve the service level offered on the hosting market worldwide.


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