Rid Yourself of Customer Service and Reclaim Your Workday

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New business ebook by Guido Thys offers guidelines to eliminate customer frustration.

For everyone in the customer service business who has ever wished that their customers would just disappear and let them get back to their jobs, Guido Thys announces a new book that will help you reclaim the joy in your work life. It’s been called the most important workplace innovation since the coffee break -- “Chase Your Customers Away & Enjoy Work Again,” The Ultimate Manual on Frustrating Customer Expectations with Inferior Products, Substandard Service and an Arrogant Attitude.

With more than 900 presentations and workshops for over 100,000 participants to his name, Guido Thys has worked as Europe's most popular speaker on customer focus. Through extensive worldwide research in each major type of organization (non-profit, for profit, and we’d-like-to-be-for-profit-but-it-ain’t-goin’-so-well), he came to realize that what an increasing number of managers and workers really want to do is alienate, infuriate, and eventually eliminate their customers. And this turned out to coincide with what he, as well as we, experience on a daily basis. So he founded the International Federation of Customer Chasers’ Clubs and published his manual.

“Customers are stupid, annoying, obstinate jerks who take a sadistic pleasure in continually abusing us. They have just one objective: to keep us from our real work as long as possible.” the author writes

He goes on to offer hundreds and hundreds of guidelines to chase the enemy away, a quickly as possible, while having an obscene amount of fun at their expense:    

•    Forming Customer Impenetrable Teams: together, you can chase away more of them.

•    Product, price and service strategies: make them disappointing, high, and non-existent.

•    Dozens of tips to repel by phone, by means of personal contacts, or just at random.

•    Brainstorming assignments (ideal for when customers are waiting or in need of assistance).

Customers will only remain customers if, for some bizarre reason, they eventually get what they want.

This new ebook invites you to experience and implement the very best of customer abuse.

Guido Thys’ unparalleled knowledge is now available in the U.S.A. His manual “Chase Your Customers Away & Enjoy Work Again” can be downloaded from Chasingcustomers.com. It will change the way you see customer service forever, and will bring back joy to your work life. Put these handy, inspiring tips and tactics to work and watch what happens. Break the vicious cycle of jumping to meet crazy customer demands, which only creates more customers, more demands, less precious time for you to do your real work and seriously challenges a good attitude.

“Chase Your Customers Away & Enjoy Work Again,” by Guido Thys, 77 illustrated pages, full-color. E-book is available for $18.63 at http://www.chasingcustomers.com

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