WorkRFun Inc Launches Unique and Funny 2005 Calendar of Cartoons and Poetry.

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A unique approach to illustrating a calendar shows life in the Â?bureau-crazyÂ? according to Toady and his animal friends. Colorful cartoons and funny poems in a 28 page calendar for 2005 will bring a touch of humor to any home or office.

(PRWEB) November 7, 2004 – This hilarious calendar features cartoons and poetry about life in the modern bureaucracy as it’s described by Toady, the main character. It’s titled: Stars ‘n Toads, life at Workrfun Inc. WorkRFun is the fictitious company where Toady and his friends work. It is staffed entirely by stars and various animal-like creatures. The calendar describes office life from the perspective of an administrative professional in brilliantly colored cartoons and rhythmic, satirical poetry. This calendar is the first product for sale from the legal entity which is also called WorkRFun Inc. It’s owned and trademarked by Bob Cole.

The colorful product is comprised of 28 pages with 13 monthly cartoons and calendars, December 2004 through 2005. Each date grid has one or more small icons where Toady highlights various holidays. It can be seen and purchased at It’s the only calendar on the market featuring cartoons and poetry targeted at people who like to laugh at work.

The January poem begins: “This morning when I woke up, I could not find my brain…” Toady, a round, green, toad-like character, is shown in front of the bathroom mirror. He’s peering into his empty cranial cavity. He describes a situation felt by millions when they start some days realizing they’re not thinking as well as usual. The scene is set in a cloud of white in the center of the page with the yellow words of the title and poem embedded in dark purple.

Other months also describe situations faced by working professionals in the bureaucratic morass. In March, Toady sits on a telephone with the un-plugged cord in one hand and a donut in the other. He then describes how splendid life can be when “The Sweetest Sound Is Silence”. April defines “The Curse Of The Golden Carrot”. A Seagull (manager) is holding a sparkling golden carrot in front of a trance-like Toady. The poem tells how our need for money keeps us returning to work. In December, Toady turns a request from management into a hilarious scam. The rhythm of the rather long poem is reminiscent of “The Night Before Christmas”. Every month of 2005 is a different topic with a little different approach to the cartoon and poem.

Cartoon characters are described at the beginning on the December 2004 picture. Managers are depicted as anything with wings. (They see things from higher up.) Twinkles, a star, is a “straight man” for Toady. Liz is also a star who represents the good qualities of working professionals. Felina, a cat, and Slider, a toad, embody the characteristics of employees who are less than productive. Felina likes to be “sick” on Mondays and Fridays and goes to the beach to get well. Slider sends incendiary emails referred to as “scud letters”. The caricatures of Stars ‘n Toads show a life which brings a smile to everyone.

While the target market for this calendar is office workers, everyone who sees it seems to relate. Cole is hoping to sell thousands of calendars at a price which will put them in offices and homes all across the country. He is planning to keep the price below $6.00 and besides selling them on the website is going through EBay and Amazon.

Cole worked in a bureaucracy at a major US electronics company for 23 years. He requested and received a “nice layoff package” when the company went through hard times. He worked in Human Resources, Facilities Management and Purchasing in factories, division headquarters and corporate offices in three different states. He grew up in Arizona, received his Masters degree from Northwestern Kellogg GSM, and spent the last 18 years in South Texas. His strength is his creativity, as one can see in the poetry he writes, but he says he has a lot to learn about marketing. He has several thousand calendars for sale, and he hopes to have a small sliver of the market.

The artist for the Stars ‘n Toads calendar and comic strips is Taylor Dobson. She completed high school in Yorktown, Texas, and is currently in her senior year at Texas A&M University. She is finishing a degree in Psychology via the internet from her home in Pensacola, Florida where she lives with her husband of six months. Taylor’s brother, Ricky, was the original artist for the comic strip. She took over two years ago when he moved on to other things. She loves to do the drawings and likes the settings that Bob provides her. If the calendar is successful she may parlay her psychology degree into a career in art and internet marketing. You will see from the cartoons that she has a gift for drawing.

WorkRFun is the brain child of Bob Cole. The idea came from a statement of an engineer new to Bob’s Purchasing team. On his first day with the company, after being snowed with a barrage of inquiries from customers, suppliers and product engineers, this wide-eyed engineer had an innocent question: “Do we get to have this much fun EVERY day?” Months later, Bob thought of this incident when he tried to name his new comic strip and coined the term: WorkRFun. He decided that WorkRFun did not sound like a comic strip and developed the title: Stars ‘n Toads, life at WorkRFun Inc.

Office humor comic strips are pretty common these days, so Bob is taking a different approach to marketing his ‘toons. The comic strips themselves will always be free for anyone to use and even publish, with certain restrictions. They can be found at Siginificant archives are at They are twice the size of normal newspaper comic strips and are in full color. He hopes to make a profit by selling his calendars and later a line of branded office specialties and toys. The 2005 calendar is the first major step in advertising his comic strip to the world.

For additional information or a sample contact Bob Cole or go to the website.

Calendars are available for immediate shipment. WorkRFun® is a trademark belonging to Bob Cole. Stars ‘n Toads calendars are copyrighted by Bob Cole. ©2004


Bob Cole

WorkRFun Inc



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