No Personal Selling or Contact Required: MLM for the Anti-Social

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Success in MLM/Network Marketing no longer requires you to remold yourself in Zig Zigler's image. The Internet has changed all that. However, there is a right way to Network Market on the Internet and a wrong way. Avoid the wrong way.

It's no big secret that MLM/Network Marketing has long been the venue of the Super Salesperson types -- that praetorhuman breed that looks, dresses and talks like Zig Zigler while zapping your defenses with NLP voodoo tactics sychronized to your body language, breathing patterns, and eye movements. It's no big secret that these Paula Pep Clubs of the world are a small, small slice of the representative population. They aren't like the rest of us. Most of us couldn't give a hoot about selling or salesmanship. In fact, most of us hate the idea of selling or acting like a salesman type.

It is also no big secret that over 97% of the people who give MLM/Network Marketing a spin fail miserably at the attempt. That's easy to understand when the non-sales type is introduced to a business model that is geared towards the sales type personality in order to succeed. And it's always a variation on the same "system":

*Write a "warm list" of 100 people you know

*Begin telephoning these people to make "appointments"

*Hit them with the "unbelievable opportunity" first, sell them product second and get a referral as a last resort

*Ambush friends and family into attending hype-intensive rah-rah "opportunity" meetings

*Once you've alienated your warm list, branch out into the surrounding population

*Teach other people to do as you do

I've been circling in and out of this business for a long time, hating it while loving the promise of it at the same time. I can see how this creature called Network Marketing can truly set people free in the dictionary definition sense of that word. But I've never been able to adapt the "system" to my own style because I'm not a sales-type personality. Professional salespeople are like much of the political class -- inhumanly ambitious to an almost sociopathic degree. I don't like them and they don't like me. I'm not a people person, I never have been and I'm venomously predispositioned to resist being remolded in Zig Zigler's image.

So it's no surprise that I haven't been real good at doing MLM the way the sales-types try to teach you to do it.

Rejoice because the Internet will allow you to be a success at MLM/Network Marketing without all the personal sales work. However, there is a right way to present your opportunity on the Internet and there is a wrong way. Don't get it wrong.


It's a true statement. MLMers don't understand proper marketing on the Internet. What's going on here? Well, a number of things, actually.

*MLM companies are not allowing their associates to speak to the world in their own “unique” voices which is the key to any lasting success on the Net.

*MLM companies provide their associates with “cookie cutter” web sites – every associate has the same site with a different subdomain name. It amounts to a million copies of the same content.

*Associates using these “cookie cutter” web sites are banned from all the major search engines. Google wants RELEVANT content for its users, not one million web sites screaming the same content and fighting for the same traffic.

Associates that are successful in driving modest amounts of traffic to their carbon-copied web sites convert little to none of that traffic to sales or leads. Why?


People go online to find INFORMATION about their problems or concerns. They're looking for SOLUTIONS, not the hard sell sales pitch. So your mission, Mr. Phelps, is to convert your knowledge of your company's product line into highly informative CONTENT that solves a problem for searchers.

By focusing on CONTENT first, you automatically create a theme-based web site that is very topical and by its very nature will naturally rank highly with the Search Engines like Google. You'll attract free targeted traffic.

The goal of your CONTENT rich web site is simple: Ask for the surfer to Make CONTACT with you. Get the email address. Offer a newsletter subscription. Hook their interest with your web site and keep them warm with follow-up information.


*Include a link to your MLM company web site.

*Get them to fill out a form for a free CD-ROM that pitchs the “opportunity.”

*Get them to sign up for the opportunity or business.

*Never mention the company you represent or the products you have that might solve their problem.

You have to build trust first. Make haste slowly.

Your entire work will revolve around one thing: GETTING THE PROSPECT TO MAKE CONTACT. Get that email address and contact information. Plug the information into your very own automated 24/7 marketing machine that fires off powerful messages twice a day via auto-responder.

Spend your time building traffic to your website. There is a trick to this, too, and it's not very difficult when you know the technique. Visit my site for a link to find out how to Smash the Search Engines. Never again will you have to make one phone call to another human being. Never again will you have to violate anyone's personal space with the insidious 3-foot rule. Burn your warm lists.

And burn your Zig Zigler tapes, too.

About the author:

Gerald Montgomery is a Special Forces Engineer in the Colorado Army National Guard. He has written four novels published in the Gold Eagle Books Executioner series. He is a true believer in the Free Market System. He has been in the military for 13 years and his goal is to retire without taking a government pension.

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