Is Your Business Being Stalked?

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Aussie expert shows business operators how to beat the Internet thugs.

"Contrary to popular belief, guarding against threats to personal or small business computers is neither difficult nor expensive", says Australian consultant and author Bill Hely, who backs up his claim with the Second Edition of his 486-page security eBook "The Hacker’s Nightmare™".

Hely claims that a computer-using public educated in even basic common-sense security is the hacker's and virus writer's worst nightmare, but that average PC users are being misled by false claims.

"I was just fed up with the 'gurus' who make out that effective security is beyond the capability of the average person" says Hely, a computer expert who for over 16 years has specialized in technology issues that confront small business. "This book was written for the people who need it the most – the non-technical small business operator with limited time and budget"

Much of Hely's professional life over the past several years has been occupied with cleaning up the mess caused by "hackers, worms and other germs". In the vernacular, "other germs" covers a diverse range of common but little understood threats including viruses, trojans, keyloggers and spyware, to name just a few.

As one study after another has shown, small business operators in general are not at all proactive when it comes to preventing incursions into their computer systems and attacks on their valuable data.

According to Hely, too many experts want the simple and easily affordable defence mechanisms to remain secret. "Presenting an effective defence requires a lot of knowledge, but it's not difficult to implement if you have that knowledge available. I've put the requisite knowledge on paper, so all the reader has to do is follow directions".

That small business operators really do need to become more security aware is obvious. A recent survey by research firm Computer Economics Inc. ( suggests that worldwide losses due to virus attacks alone this year will reach $17.5 billion. Small to medium business will shoulder a substantial proportion of this enormous burden, a financial drain which Hely says they should be easily able to avoid.

Hely encourages business owners to have their staff read his book also. "Far more harm is done as a result of security mistakes and lapses by staff than is ever caused by a knowledgeable and determined hacker", he says. "Those guys are actually quite rare, although there are plenty of a lesser breed I call the cyber-grubs – the Internet equivalent of the spoilt brat and the mindless thug. In many cases just knowing what the grubs and thugs will get up to is protection enough to forestall many mishaps".

With over 120 illustrations to reinforce the text, The Hacker’s Nightmare™ is also rich in examples of real-world disasters and incursions, such as the case of the famous Beatle who had his financial dealings exposed. Then there was the US politician who's staff were discovered involved in a smear campaign, exposed by their ignorance of the dangers of mailing 'unsanitized' Microsoft Word files.

The Hacker’s Nightmare™ is a book of surprising breadth and depth of subject matter. From viruses and trojans to shredders and spam, the emphasis is on practical application and the avoidance of jargon.

Affordably priced at only US$49, the book can be purchased through its own website at, and is available for immediate download once payment is processed. A number of bonuses are included; see website for details.

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