Pure Beginnings Launches Exclusive 100% Organic Cotton Baby Line

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New Organic Clothing, Bedding and Personal Care Line Now Offers Pure, Natural Choice to Parents

Pure Beginnings brings the newest choice in natural living to parents, with a complete line of organic baby clothing, bedding, and personal care products. With the ever-growing trend towards natural baby products and the increased awareness of the benefits of organic cotton, http://www.purebeginnings.com now offers a natural, healthy alternative for our babies, as well as our earth.

New parents are saying no to pesticides and other harmful chemicals in baby food, milk, cleaning products and now more than ever, fabrics and cottons. Citing concern over the environment and how it affects our children, consumer awareness of harmful chemicals spurred a boom in the organic baby food industry in the early 90s. Organic cotton had been slow to gain consumer awareness, until recently. With concern over conventional cotton production using 25 percent of the world’s pesticides, demand for organic fabrics has the market growing at an annual rate of 15 percent.

The vision behind Pure Beginnings stemmed from the desire to bring pure and natural products into the nurseries of the most discerning parents. In addition to environmental harm from cotton farming, pesticide and chemically-treated fabrics block the natural balance of the skin by trapping heat and preventing it from “breathing,” (i.e. absorbing adequate moisture), and can cause rashes and eczema on sensitive skin.

Organic cotton feels softer, is more breathable and lasts longer. Providing both functionality and style, http://www.purebeginnings.com is quickly becoming the choice for organic baby products throughout the world.

Pure Beginnings’ offers products for all baby needs, including clothing and cotton diapers, bath products, and bedding. Selections come in rich colored fabrics created with eco-friendly dyes, including Seafoam Green, Buttercup Yellow, Lavender, and Sky Blue. All products are certified organic cotton and natural untreated wool, all grown without the use of pesticides,chemical fertilizers, defoliants or growth regulators.

Conventional vs. Organic Cotton:

The second most pesticide-saturated crop in the world after coffee, cotton represents only 2.4 percent of all cultivated land, but utilizes 25 percent of the planet’s pesticide and 10 percent of its herbicide production. Conventional cotton farming involves heavy pesticide spraying to protect crops from insect infestation. Chlorine bleach is used to whiten fabrics and formaldehyde is later applied to finished garments. Approximately 1/3 pound of chemicals is used to grow cotton for just one t-shirt, illustrating the magnitude of this harmful farming method. Aldicarb, endosulfan, cyanide, dicofol, and trifluralin are just some of the chemicals used in conventional farming.

“Working with, not against,” nature is the principle behind organic farming. Grown without pesticides and spun without chemicals, organic farmers rely on organic fertilizers, manual crop rotation and integrated pest management. Fields are naturally fertilized, insects are used to naturally control crops, and weeds are removed with hoes, as well as manually. Farms earn the organic label by using soil that has been free of synthetic pesticides for at least three consecutive years. Beneficial insects, natural cattle manure, chili, garlic, and alfalfa are some of the ingredients used in organic farming.

Andrea Cohen, founder of Pure Beginnings, researched farmers from Egypt, U.S.A. and India on her journey to find a facility with 100 percent Organic Certification. These farmers gave Cohen a deeper insight into the meaning of organic agriculture, as many organic farms are comprised of self-sustained “bio-villages,” completely independent for their basic needs of food, clothing and shelter and live free of chemicals and pollutants in all aspects of life. This is a way of life, more than a business,” says Cohen. “These organic farmers are catering to a small niche and can make a much higher profit by growing conventional cotton for the mass market. But they choose organic for their beliefs in pesticide-free living.”

Pure Beginnings offers 100 percent certified organic cotton clothing, bedding, and personal care products for babies. All products are made without the use of harmful pesticides or chemicals, for the safety of our babies and the environment. To purchase Pure Beginnings products or for more information, please call (866) PUR-BABY or log onto http://www.purebeginnings.com.

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