LymphaCare and RevitaMed Introduce home Infrared Therapy treating diabetic neuropathy and chronic pain at starting at less than $1000!

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LymphaCare has begun offering a much less expensive alternative to the widely known monochromatic Infrared Therapy manufactiued by a Anodyne® Therapy (, a Florida based company. As part of its product line for circulation disorders. The RevitaMed Infrared System is designed to be the most effective and inexpensive infrared device to treat neuropathy and chronic pain.

RevitaMed and LymphaCare are trying to help patients with peripheral neuropathy put their best foot forward.

In some cases, that’s easier said than done for Adam, a medical product distributor and director of LymphaCare’s RevitaMed Infrared Therapy product web site. LymphaCare began offering a more effective and much less expensive alternative to more widely known Infrared Therapies as part of its product line for circulation disorders. Since carrying the FDA recognized RevitaMed system as an Infrared Therapy alternative to more well known devices like the Anodyne® Therapy (, he has seen a steady increase in patient and customer satisfaction. The RevitaMed System ( is designed to be the most effective and inexpensive way to help ease foot pain and restore balance.

As a former Infrared Therapy sales agent for the Tampa, Florida based Anodyne® Therapy, Adam says Physicians, Therapists, and patients began asking for a less expensive product with out losing quality or efficacy. Because of the high cost, and limited insurance coverage of the Anodyne® Therapy System (, having the RevitaMed Therapy ( as an alternative device has helped many patients and facilities in their outcomes, while making much less a dent in their pocketbooks.

“Our patients and medical professionals can now find a less costly infrared treatment to the Anodyne® Therapy. With a 2 year warranty, larger treatment pads, and nearly 10 times the milliwatt power per diode, utilizing Revitamed’s Infrared Therapy device makes sense,” Adam said. “You really see a significant technology improvement and price difference in the two systems. But patients shouldn’t expect to buy a RevitaMed or any other Infrared treatment and just get better. To treat this problem, they’ve also got to follow a medical professional’s advice.”

Although a good product, the Anodyne® Therapy system uses a technology which is 10-12 years old, and employs only monochromatic non-visible infrared light. Small pads with limited flexibility are strapped to a patient, which release infrared energy at approximately 890 nanometers and only 10-13 milliwatts of power per diode.

RevitaMed’s System, which has been available about about a year and a half, uses a newer up to date combination of non-visible (infrared) and visible infrared light energy to promote regeneration and revascularization of damaged capillaries by releasing excess nitric oxide from cells.

Both systems utilize non-visible Infrared light, which can penetrate to a depth of about 30-40 mm. This is more effective for bones, joints, deep muscles, etc. Although both visible red and infrared wavelengths penetrate to different depths and affect tissues differently, their therapeutic effects are similar.

However, RevitaMed's technology also takes advantage of visible red light diode technology, which can penetrate 8-10mm. This is important, becuase visible lights on pads are very beneficial for treating problems close to the skin surface such as wounds, cuts, scars, trigger and acupuncture points, and are particularly effective in treating infections.

Revitamed’s pads are made of soft flexible Neoprene, are available in several different shapes, and are more than twice the size of the other pads. Revitamed’s diodes release infrared energy at approximately 880 nanometers, and 100 milliwatts of energy as opposed to others 10-13 milliiwatts.

In the clinical setting, patients are usually treated three times a week for four weeks, with sessions lasting about 30 minutes to one hour. This therapy is often combined with balance training and therapeutic exercise.

“Diabetes, foot pain, neuropathy, and finding a great product as a fair price: all of those play into this,” he said. “The neuropathy population has many of those things, and any patients with these symptoms who are cost sensitive and demand state of the art technology would be good candidates for the RevitaMed. For our customers, its like getting the Lexus model for for the price of a Chevy. ”

RevitaMed products can be found by calling LymphaCare at 800-288-1801.

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